Welcome To A World Of Infinite Possibilities!

We have invited Amanpreet Anand, yoga teacher, traveler and light being, to contribute to our blog with an article on the source of infinite potentialities that exist within our own essence. In this article Aman unfolds the basics on the power of manifestation simply by taking us a bit back on cognitive processes.
How we create our thoughts and how the fact of gaining insights on how conscious our language, we can access our subconscious world and re-phrase, re-translate and re-learn an even better conscious language. It takes only a bit of vision, an ounce of strategy and a gentle dose of leadership to grow beyond limiting beliefs and be part of a shift, this process of social transformation now persistently unfolding before our own eyes, here and now. As Eckart Tolle writes it in most of his books, the new earth that is in the making will revolve on groundbreaking paradigms. We are all part of it. The era of separation is coming to a close, and an era of unity is being delivered. 

For today, here is Amanpreet with her honest and passionate alertness:
 " The power within you is the same power that created this world, the power that created this world has given you the power to create and manifest your reality the way you desire...You are the only architect of your world, the only builder of your life and the only painter of your canvas board.

Our thoughts, words and actions aligned together build our mental, emotional and physical vibration. And what we vibrate all the time affects our spiritual evolution and our point of attraction and manifestation in life.

What we think and believe about ourselves influences:

1.the kind of words we use to communicate about ourselves and about our lives,
2. Behavior and attitude that we adopt in our lives
3. The way we look at things, situations and events,, do we take them personally or do we see them exactly as they are,, and still maintain a motivated, positive and optimistic outlook towards ourselves, our lives and others always.
4. The kind of actions and choices that we make, whether they are ego driven or soul driven
5. And our beliefs eventually change into our outer reality or what we call our destiny..

The mind or thought power is just an energy which can be either be projected inward or outward...

Most of the times our mental energy is cluttered by the thoughts or conditioning, judgements and labeling that we have been bought up with or have accepted for ourselves from our society and parents which make us operate more from an egoistic level and not from the soul level

Operating from an ego level simply means that we choose to accept our true reality based on what we have learned about ourselves from our parents and society and not as the unique, creations of universe or god from where we came...sent as completely pure, divine and magnificent creations...

When we operate from our egoistic level we look for acceptance, love, happiness outside of us instead of radiating the true being of the soul which is all joyous, all loving, all accepting and all knowing

When we operate from an egoistic level we always look for adding pleasure from outside to fill up the vacuum inside; however the " beingness " or the soul is anyway all joyous or all satisfied wherever it is because it is, has always been and is always perfect, whole and complete. So when we operate from the soul level our decisions are more driven by wisdom, by a higher purpose for which we have taken birth on the planet earth. Since it is already perfect, whole and complete so it feels no need for looking outside for joy, satisfaction and abundance.. Everything external becomes a reflection of the inner abundance inside...

The more love I have and give, the more I have to give, the supply is endless,The use of love makes me feel good for it is an expression of my inner joy. Louise Hay

When we operate from egoistic level we carry so many expectations from our relationships, not even a single deed is done without expecting a reward or appreciation for something... But the soul always says what can I give you and it spends all its life giving because it is already filled with so much love and joy that it has no choice but to flow outside and spread its beautiful fragrance all around..

When we operate from the soul level we just see gods presence in all living beings, people, situations and events, and even non living things because everything comes from the source and goes back from the source..

We are all spiritual beings having a human experience here to fulfill our divine life purpose...
And there is no beginning of life and no end, it is just a transition from one world to another and the entire journey is all about evolution from one stage to another

A few affirmations to practice to connect back to the divinity within

I love and approve of my self exactly as I am
I love and approve of myself exactly as I am
I choose to believe that I am the unique, magnificent creation of this universe and there will be no second creation like me
I choose to believe that I am an extremely important and significant part of this universe.
I choose to love, approve of and respect myself exactly as I am without any judgements
I choose to believe that life loves me, provides for me and takes care of me at all times, no exceptions

Stay connected and read the next article to know how through different yogic and body therapy practices we can learn to project our thought power inward, connect back to our soul and tap into the power of subconscious mind which knows all, loves all, accepts all and a reservoir of manifestation.......

May we all follow our true path of being on this earth planet and stay nourished on our journey. Amen

Loads of love and blessings to all of us