Release, Trust, Let Go, Change

Our guest writer for this week, Amanpreet send us change vibrations and how to mainstream them in our routine. Join her world of infinite possibilities!  Here she goes:

Hope we are all having a wonderful and exciting time absorbing the changes of this month. The energy this month seems to be that of new beginnings and letting go of the old us to embrace and welcome the changing us.

A few Powerful affirmations that all of us can use during this time of transition:

I am willing to change
I am safe and at peace
I am safe, it's only change
I am willing to let go of the old me and welcome the new me
I am excited as a I explore and expand my horizons and boundaries and open up myself to the new opportunities and possibilities that the cosmos is offering me
I trust that life is always here for me and works in favor of me at all times


Here we come again with our third piece which is a continued series of our first one.

Let's begin with defining the world of infinite possibilities
Take a moment to write your definition for it? What does it mean it you???

To me, the world of infinite possibilities simply says that anything that you need, desire or want in your life can really be manifested. It is YOUR life, YOUR manifestation, YOUR choice and the moment we take the responsibility of our thoughts, words and actions and make a Conscious effort to shift our personal vibration, the external reality shifts on its own.

What is personal vibration?

1.  What is your personal self worth quotient?
2. What is your personal self image?
3. Are you one of those who have an I can do it attitude, or who think ten times before adopting a new path or learning something new?
4 What are the kind of words that you use for yourself and your life in your daily existence?
5. What is your self deservability rate? Do you think that you always deserve the best or do you think it's okay to accept whatever is available?
6. What kind of emotions guide your activities?

Thought, words, emotions and actions make our personal vibration.

Some questions to ponder on to understand our present external
Life better:

1. Is there anything lacking in your life or do you feel dissatisfied with anything in your life?
2. Is there any area of your life that you feel needs instant transformation?
3.Is there a particular situation, event or person that you dislike?
4. Do you feel you are not being treated very well or not being heard of by your family members, society, or friends?

If any of the answers above is a yes, then take a moment to stop everything, step back, breathe and connect back within; because in all these cases the chances are that there is a part of you which is wanting your acceptance, love, respect or acknowledgement which is being denied and the denial is manifesting outside with less than best situations, events and people.

Affirmation Card from Louise Hay - Thank you Louise!

Life is just a mirror, reflecting how you are feeling inside about your own self and about your own life which is getting reflected outside in any or all  the areas. The thoughts we harbor in our mind about our own selves and our lives, the emotional energy that we radiate in all our actions and behaviors and the words we choose to speak about our own self goes out to the universe and are responded back as a physical manifestation.

What you are vibrating, is what you are attracting and manifesting, at all times.

Whatever it is, that you need or want in your life or desiring to change in your life; the only way to manifest that is to begin with you. Begin with loving, approving and respecting your own self for who you are, the way you are; accepting your body, emotions, feelings and thoughts exactly as they are in the moment; thus moving to a stage of total and unconditional acceptance of the self without any judgements. And as you enter the state of total beingness and existence you will find it easier to connect to that part of you which is only peace, joy, love and acceptance. Move forward and Nourish yourself with good foods, beverages, positive thoughts, emotions, words, inspiring friends, excellent work opportunities and joyful actions. Once you combine your POSITIVE RADIATION with the energy FOCUSED ACTION; the universe has no choice but to respond back to that radiation with a transformed and positive manifestation.

If you are looking for love and acceptance outside of you, give that to yourself first; if you are looking for inspiration, become the inspired one for your life; if you are looking for abundance, appreciate the reservoir of abundance that exists within you in the form of talents, abilities and skills; if you are looking for someone to help you or provide for you, do that for yourself first. All change , TRANSFORMATION begins with you for YOU are the CENTER of your UNIVERSE and YOUR life begins and ends only and only with YOU.

Give yourself this gift and Let your own light shine from within and as you shine, your world will shine back to you, ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS; thus creating a SHINING, JOYOUS, LOVING and PEACEFUL world around for if we are In a positive vibration, we spread and attract positive vibrations wherever we go.


Life loves me
Life loves YOU
Life loves ALL OF US, provides for US and takes care of US at all times, no exceptions


A few activities to practice each day:

1. List of ten or endless things about our own self that we truly love and cherish.
2. List of five new things each day which we truly loved about our own self
3. List of things, situations or people that inspired us during the day or made us feel wow or expanded our heart or mind in some way.
( for example Today I met a laughter yoga guru on the road and the sharing made me feel wow that such a simple modality can have an excellent profound impact on improving the mental, emotional and physical well-being)
4. Two new things that you will learn this week that will make you feel more joyous, expanded or/and open hearted.

Keep smiling and living your true joyous self; loving yourself for who you are, the way you are

Connect back next week.

Love and hugs

All my articles are dedicated to my teacher Louise Hay who is my GURU and master, my parents for their unconditional love and acceptance always and my ex husband for being an encouragement and inspiration in my life always.