Let Go and Shine from Within

In May 2012, we posted an article on Azriel Cohen's work on Body Sensing and Bio-Feedback. Azriel Cohen was a close friend of mine. He still is, but he is not on the same plane of existence I am in. He left us. I can read his FB profile and realise he had some sort of intuition that the trip he was undertaking to go back to the US and then Canada was going to be somehow tricky, but probably never thought he would not be updating his FB profile anymore. Which is something he rarely did as well, except for his last week. Makes me ponder about our perceptions.
Azriel and I came close recently as we discussed the circumstances of the loss of two common friends and we uncovered the fact that we both had common views on what integrity is. So here I am now, left on my own, talking about him. He is no longer. So young, gifted and humble. His research on bio-feedback was interesting. Unfortunately I will not be able to hear from him on this unless, friends or members of his family will engage in publishing some of the research he was conducting.

Now our article for this week is a follow-up to Amanpreet last week's article and as she also knew Azriel she makes an introduction to him as well.  Now on to her and Safe Soul travel to Azriel!  

Today's article is dedicated to my beloved friend and a wonderful artist, Azriel Cohen, who just passed away. His passing away has touched me so deeply and transformed a part of me completely. Azriel this one is for you, for the beautiful person that you were and for being there for everyone always.After the news, I suddenly feel so much gratitude flowing from me for every moment of my life with whatever i have and whatever it is in the moment, just the way it is.

Today as I write this I feel grateful for being who I am, the way I am, for my breath, my life, my surrounding, environment and people, exactly the way everything is.

I am grateful for my ability to choose, dream, visualize and live the way I want to, the capacity as a human to stay open and receptive to enjoy and be with so much of beauty and joy that life has to offer and my physical body's capability to just dance, sing, play and do everything that makes me feel joyful and satisfied in the moment. I am grateful for having the capacity to send lot of unconditional love and acceptance to all, at all times, in all directions.

Last few months have been a roller coaster ride, not only for me but also for many of us, just part of the 2012 shift. We have done it all, searched all, seeked everything outside of us and lived all temptations and emotions and now as October arrives maybe its time to just settle down with our own selves, accept our real truth as it is, make peace with our own truth and personality and accept even that part of us which does not always want to do and control but sometimes just wants to be and receive from the universe. Today, Let's take a moment to sit back, relax and do a few gratitude exercises.; just giving ourselves some time and space to just be at peace with what we have and where we are in the moment.

Choose a comfortable and peaceful place for yourself. A place where you are at comfort and feel emotionally safe. Play a soothing instrumental music, one that calms your mind and helps you come back to the moment. And as u do this, connect back to your breath and consciously start relaxing every part of your body. Now, Imagine yourself by the side of a beautiful, blue ocean, under the vast, beautiful, clear sky. You are just standing there by the sea, looking at it with ur feet completely grounded on the mother earth. No where to go and nowhere to seek. Slowly Open ur arms wide and just see yourself saying this aloud.

 i am open and receptive to all god that life has to offer me.
I am open and receptive to all good that life has to offer me,
I am open and receptive to all good that life has to offer me.


Another approach to do the same exercise, something that i do every day, is to go to a place where you can see the vastness and beauty of of the sky. The vastness of the sky, to me, represents the infinite possibilities that exist in this world and our divine magnificent potential which is capable of creating and manifesting Anything that we want in our life. Connect with that vastness and beauty, open ur arms wide and scream, shout or speak out aloud

I am open and receptive to all good that life has to offer me
I am open and receptive to all good that life has to offer me,
I am open and receptive to all good that life has to offer me


Breathe deeply, take a moment to close ur arms and give yourself a big and warm hug sending lot of love, appreciation and gratitude to your entire being for the way it is without any judgements And to ur higher self which is all loving, all joyous and all knowing. Appreciate and acknowledge for all that you have been doing till now from the moment you took birth. You have always done ur best as per ur own knowledge, understanding and awareness. So appreciate your self for all efforts, actions, deeds, achievements and failures and embrace them as an important part of your life's reality which was important to bring you where you are today.

Let this feeling of gratitude flow from you to all directions, to your  surrounding, relationships,home,
possessions, finances, job,colleagues, boss and for the entire existence for the way it is, without any judgements, expectations and obligations. Let this feeling fill you with beauty and love for the entire life, taking away all ur worries and concerns and washing away all the negative thoughts that harbour ur mind and limit ur potential and magnificence to be lived completely.

And now trust the universe to bring you only and only that which is best for ur growth, life and adds to your spiritual and material abundance.

What goes out, comes back to us at all times and when we send the energy of gratitude, unconditional love and acceptance and trust to the universe, the universe has no option but to respond back with the same energy, no exceptions.

Because what you vibrate is what you attract at all times, no exceptions.

No where to go, nothing to seek and no one to be, it's all here, in the moment. Life is here in the moment in our beingness and connectedness of all, just open your eyes and heart and look and embrace.
Just remembering every moment that There is no second existence like YOU, it's only you and you, The centre of your universe and the manifestor of your reality and God resides only and only within YOU.

Affirmations for this week to practice for all of us

Life loves me, life loves me, life loves me

I trust the process of life and existence to take care of me and provide for me at all times

I stay kind and gentle to myself as I move from the negative to positive

I stay kind and gentle to my feelings and emotions and acknowledge and respect them as they are.

And as i love and accept myself more and more, I love and accept others too exactly as they are.

I now allow myself and others the freedom to choose and live the way we all desire.


Wishing a joyful week and a Magnificent and Abundant reality always to all of us
loads of love