Bali Rice Fields Retreat - Tanah Cinta

Bali is an inspiring place attracting inspired people. Strolling down the alleys of Ubud one would wonder how Ubud looked like 30 years back. I happen to have been to Bali and Ubud in 1984 and remained mesmerized bu its loving-kindness, simplicity and connection to a divine source. Today's Ubud is not as quiet and mesmerizing as it used to be but
it still carries that special connection to Divine Source and somehow maintained it spirit untouched in spite of the many tourist buses and 'westernized' superficial coat given to Ubud main roads.

Teaching Reiki in Bali was special too this time. We stayed at this very special eco-boutique guest house "Tanah Cinta" created, build and managed by Chantal, a very special woman. With a total of 6 rooms distributed in three  wooden bungalows and three rooms, Tanah Cinta is a special retreat place. First of all it is away from all beaten tracks, approximately 20 minutes north west from Ubud. It is nested in the midst of rice fields, away from the main road, noise, and tourists attractions. Second its location and decoration are harmonised through the choice of colours, materials and accessories. Third it is silent, friendly, smoothly elegant and zen and efficiently managed by Chantal and her team.

Each room has a color, White, Orange, Yellow, Green, Red or Blue. Six chakras for your choice of energy. Accessories and decoration of each room matches the colours and the wisdom of each colours and respective chakras. In the middle of garden, a swimming pool that is as Zen as a feng shui fountain and whispers songs of water in your ear to balance and harmonise your energy level.

In a further article we will tell you the story of our experience in spending a total of 10 nights in each room respectively. Tanah Cinta, means ' Earth of Peace" so peaceful earth: Definitely a vision and a manifestation in the heart of Bali!.

Gratitude, love, peace and harmony!

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