Live - Love & Shine

It's been a while. The time is now. Preparing for so long for a transmutation when the time comes, we can no longer remain silent. Fly high, become the butterfly that has been simmering within you. Let the energy flow and the bio-energy of your essence be the shining start of your frequency.
The energies of June 2012 will set up the point of no-return for us to co-create the new paradigm.From a world made of separation and polarities between individuals, we are progressively reaching a point of no-return for a reality of unity and hubs of consciousness being created. Do not wait anymore for New Earth to appear in front of you and say "oh yes thank you now I understand" Go out there and make it happens with your skin, your heart, your consciousness. Because in New Earth the glue is  consciousness defining the experience and not the other way round anymore! ♥ ♥ ♥

Shine, meditate, change your habits, get rid of the superficial, remain centered, the energies of June, July and up to December 2012 will be strong, find your bio-rhythm, breath, dance, love and love and love...