Bio Energy Chakra Mantras from Within

Bio energy is our unique nature, our frequency and our vibration. Each individual has his/her own vibration, which defines his/her essence or in other words, his/her core frequency. Mantras are ancient potent 'alchemist' formula as I like to call them as they speak out the strength of a vibration captured within a sound. From a spiritual perspective mantras do carry a message and they usually have strong connotations and in some cases references to Gods and Goddess. Then from a pure
bio-energy perspective there is the vibration within the body, the 'flesh' that creates a resonance and triggers a reaction within the bio-energy structure of the body. It operates as a vacuum cleaner, a channel of expression. Quite often, the initial practice of a sound such as "om" for instance reveals the status of openness of a channel. Some report back having difficulty to pronounce deep sounds. other can start and not finish the sound in one breath and many more examples.
Maybe you've heard about 'vowel' sounds as connected to each chakra. It is also probable that different -spiritual - traditions attached different meanings to each connection between a vowel and a chakra. We will go by some ancient Vedic tradition as present the following case.

Amongst the benefits of meditation - from any tradition - are the initial release of tensions, relax of beta wave,  the quieting of the mind, focused attention on breathing bringing calmer heart beats, opening of the heart chakra through reflection on the meaning of human actions and so forth.

Most Reiki classes I teach also include some light meditation, with visualisation and a few symbols meditations, depending on the level of the class that is taught.

Experience is showing great result also in blending, chakra bio-energy meditation, with original vowel sounds, and brain entrainment. We have started that and we'd like to share some exercises with you as individuals start feeling better, release tensions and actually focus on a positive change attitude. It is based on the following association of sound/chakra:

- Root chakra: sound 'ssssssssssss'
- Sacral chakra: sound 'mmmmmmm'
- Solar chakra:  sound  'uuuuuuuuuuuuu' promounced  as in english double "oo" and not 'you"  as in french 'ou' or as in italian or spanish 'u'
- Heart chakra:  sound 'O O O O '
- Throat chakra:  sound 'A A A A A '
- Third Eye chakra:  sound 'eeeeeeeeeeeeee'  like in 'eel'

Here a small exercise: 

1) Sit down in a comfortable lotus position;
2) Breath calmly and set yourself up for a good 30 minutes Bio-energy chakra meditation;
3) feel your chakras, feel the energy flowing within your body an your whole being, feel the calm breath flowing up and down form the bottom of your spine to your crown chakra;
4) starting from the root chakra, take a deep breath and exhale with pronounciation of ' ssssssssssssss' as though you are imitating the sound of an imaginary snake;
5) Do this at least 3 times up to 5 five times. Inhale  and exhale pronouncing 'sssssss'
6) then move up to the sacral chakra: inhale and exhale ' mmmmmmmmmmm'
7) then up to the solar chakra: inhale and exhale 'uuuuuuuuuuuu'
8) then up the heart chakra with 'O'
9) then up the throat chakra inhale and exhale pronouncing with 'A'  as in english 'a'  , french 'ai', italian, spanish 'e'
10) then up the third eye chakra with the sound 'ee' as in English double 'e' (ee), french, Italian, spanish "i"

Now to add the brain entrainment part to this breathing exercise means to associate with each chakra inhale and exhale breathing of a vowel, a correspondent positive thought associated with the value of the chakra. A we know the heart Chakra is associated with an attitude of loving-kindness, unconditional love etc. so we will formulate a thought that corresponds to a positive attitude in this regard. Example: love unconditionally, or i love me, i love all unconditionally, etc. 

So here we go: 

1) root chakra: positive thought associated with pulsions and release of impurities: i.e. I release anger. or fear, or anxiety,
2) sacral chakra: i.e. i focus on sweetness, harmony, well-being, balance, calm etc..
3) solar chakra: i.e.: i develop humility, i release unnecessary ego,etc.
4) heart chakra: i.e. i love me, i love all, i love me i love all unconditionally, i live in loving kindness, etc...
5) throat chakra: i speak softly, etc...
6) Third Eye: i sharpen intuition, i develop clear vision, etc...

So for each chakra there is a sound i.e. "A" and a brain entrainment positive thought: example: speaking softly, expressing clearly, talking nicely etc...
The best statements and brain entrainment sentences will be the one applying to you directly. So we only give you examples based on the value of each chakra. You are free to find your most inner appropriate thought since you are speaking out loudly the vowel and not the thought!

Try it out and let us know. We will soon post a YouTube video with this exercise.


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