What is Your Dream About?

We all dream and we all know dreams tell stories. The interpretation of dreams is a topic of discussion in itself. At the moment with all shifts occurring on Earth I bet many of you have loads of dreams in which you may be the actors, the observer or both. The purpose here is to explore a bit and give tips
about your own inner dreams. What is Your Dream About? This question is equivalent to " What is Your Frequency Rate" Or Your Vibration: Do you know it? Do you ever feel unsettled? I bet you do. Everyone does at some point. So here some tips.

1. Know what your dream is about.-
2. Define your 'new programme'
3. List in a positive way what you need to do to make it happen,-
4. Do not allow your definition to stop you.-
5. Allow yourself to stay in the appropriate vibration that is your dream about.-
6. To receive feedback do not allow your dream to drift away.-
7. Go and ask and live your dream fully, now.-
8. There is exchange process occurring at all times and it does not have to be based on your 'old programme".-
9.If you put out uncertainty, you will get uncertainty back, so put out determination.-
10.Do not wait for answers.- Go an get what is your dream about.-
11. Be ready for the best. Because it is always the best for you.-

Love & Light