Reiki Bali - Summer 2012

Amidst luscious rice fields of Ubud and peaceful water ponds, Tanah Cinta Eco-Boutique Guest House is just the perfect place to learn Reiki. After teaching Reiki in New Delhi, India  at Zorba the Buddha Eco Retreat Village  in April 2012, it is just a perfect continuation of the trail. Actually it is also a perfect historical trail as Balinese culture is (traditionally) rooted into Hinduism blended with Animism. So here we are now offering all 4 levels of Reiki Classes at this very special guest house away from the main Ubud road and nested amidst rice fields.

A bit on my connection with Bali: 

Yes I have to admit Bali has changed a lot more in the past 5 years than in the previous 10 years, at least in intensity, traffic jams are massive and being an island does not always come easy as there only is so much available space (lol). Bali is very important in my life as I visited it in 1984 on a third trip to Asia, and well yes back then it was it was really very different, silent and Kuta was far away from what it is now. I first heard about Bali in 1975 when my mother started a long list of Asian journeys with visiting to the Islands of Gods. Sure back then in 1975 it was definitely very tranquil. As you can see from the this picture...

and she brought back home from her visit to Ubud, then a small artist village with street theater and painters, two paintings bought on the side of the road. I spent years watching these paintings and dreaming about far-away lands and islands. One of this painting is actually an original Balinese calendar painted by famous painter who is now deceased without leaving any 'successor' as a result no-one knows how to paint the original Balinese calendar anymore. Back to nowadays, I visited Bali many times i cannot count and since I worked in Timor_Leste made Bali a temporary hideaway.

Now getting to know Chantal from Tanah Cinta Eco-Boutique Guest House is also significant as we have a common friend who, back few years was my first ever Reiki student! How just nice to have one more connection with Bali.  Moreover, Chantal used to run a New Age Bookshop in Brussels i used to visit quite a lot before I left Belgium forever in 1986. A real succession of trails...
Offering Reiki Classes in Bali and in Ubud is a very special occasion for me to continuously connect with Bali's and Ubud's special energies. In particular with not so far Mount Agung the dormant volcano. 

If you wish to attend classes please register directly by email. If you are a small group, discount are available starting from 3 persons. We know that traveling on a 30 days Visa can be challenging for fulfilling all your activities so in case of any pressing needs dates of classes can be adapted to your schedule.