Healthy Chakra - Healthy Life

Most of the time, many of us tend to forget that we are energy bodies. Hence a little weakness, a little discomfort or anything that can temporarily bring us out of balance will be interpreted as " something is wrong" .
Nothing can be wrong as nature has its own balance system. What can happen is un-balance which is different from 'something wrong". Where to look, what to do and how to rgain balance is a matter of self-discipline, willingness, and positive thinking.  We have written many times about our chakra system and when we teach bio-energy meditation we go back to the basics of our inner balance.

Breathing, light movement, light food, light drinking, and very optimistic mind will all together bring and restore balance. For experienced practitioners, breathing and meditation will uncover insights, intuition, self-healing and loving-kindness.

We recommend you having a look at The Chakra Checklist publication. This is also attached to all our Reiki Courses as principal resource in addition to our manual. It is the product of Reiki Master's Experience for which we have obtained Resell Rights.
Its cost is minimal for the benefits if can bring to your life. If you are a Reiki Practitioner, we will also send you Resell Rights. The minimal fee of contribution to this publication is 7 US.

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The Basics Of Spiritual Discovery
About Meditation
Meditation Techniques
The Throat and Chakra Connection
How To Tips
Wrapping Up

In gratitude, love & light