Reiki, Free-will and Energies

I just read this and thought I would use it as an introduction to my post today. I don't know of course how it has been for you but the month of February and March 2012 have been some quite peculiar. I cannot complain on sales of our jewelry and our Reiki course as well as us taking yoga, dance and other courses, I am saying THANK YOU UNIVERSE!
Somehow though wow what a month!. Two dear friends of mine died in voluntary actions, and this was a wake up call for me. yes it was. Not because of their death not even the reasons, motives or anything like that. I sent a good prayer for them, healing and light and moved on. My point was on free-will and how some of these things could have been prevented. This made me think people at this point of change need love more than anything else and if they cannot gt it in a way or another. their journey stops. What a waste but then what an opportunity for us to be the gate openers. 

In any events, beside these sad stories, there have also been some sort of pressure cooker energies around. Request for change are immense at the moment. People consciousness is going through major major changes. 

Then today a friend of mine showed me this page, Alpha Life Trends and I read this and copy/;pasted here: because then we are alerted that April is also going to be a roller-coaster.... Well we knew that 2012 was going to be like that so hang in there. 

" April is universally a NINE* month (in numerology* terms). April brings many situations and circumstances into completion and closure. Getting all of the old outdated events, circumstances and situations and moving them out of the way creates an opening through the current environment that will ultimately become our runway. As we start the month, our runway is dotted with situations that require resolutions and finalizing events to package up and move out of the way. The whole month is full of situations that require our participation. As the old situations are moved out of the way, the runway becomes unobstructed with karmic residue and we are cleared for take off ready. The shift into our environment of freedom occurs after Mercury and Mars both turn direct (April 4th and April 14th) and Mercury connects with Uranus on April 22nd. The transition into May becomes filled with great excitement and anticipation as opportunities are revealed on a constant basis the last couple weeks of April. Rumbling down the runway becomes a simultaneous event for humanity as the transition into May becomes the historical hallmark of change."

The other day I went on an emergency call to give a Reiki treatment to this old Lao man father of a friend of mine. When i saw him laying down, i had tears in my eyes. I gave him a potent Karuna Reiki (R) treatment asking the Universe to send some beautiful powerful light energy for his "chi" who seemed to be very weak. Indeed he was diagnosed with terminal cancer of stomach, liver, lungs and intestine plus he has two thin veins towards the heart. In other words not a good situation.  I also gave him a piece of quartz with black tourmaline to hold while i was doing the treatment. At the end of the treatment, he was smiling and asking for water. Then they told at night he went really bad until the next morning and now apparently he is back to sit down and normal. Obviously the cancer is there but the man can enjoy being in his family!. Dreadful experience the one of going to the hospital!. Sometimes it is better to stay at home, call Reiki Master and other shamans and drink traditional medicine!.