Carnival of Healing #248 - Healing Revival

This month we are hosting the About.Com Holistic Carnival of Healing. Since we are on the road traveling to India with little access to Internet we had to post this issue #248 of the Carnival a little earlier. Apologies. We had great submissions ranging from Healing Relationships to Healthy Eating Habits.
Our own contribution is in the form of our statement of energy:  when you keep your flow of energy open, dynamic and balanced you experience harmony at your own frequency rate. Choose to vibrate at your own frequency rate, here and now.

1. Detox will make your energy level rise and change the equilibrium in this triangle; 

2. Solve the conflict – your energy level can rise and heal your illness.
3. Keep good energy high where you sleep: 

4. As we speak the energy on our planet rises. Therefore many people come into healing phases of a conflict even unknowingly – claiming lots of before unknown symptoms.
Keep your energy level high! - Smile, Laugh , Live and Love. 

Since we talk energy  here we are back to our central purpose of this post as we are hosting the Carnival of Healing Issue #248 on behalf of About.Healing.Com.

So let's see what the Carnival of Healing Edition #248 has in store for you this month!

Dreams are invaluable resources, this is presented here at Natural Health eZine which recommends Keeping A Dream Journal and reams may help you to work through unprocessed material of your waking life and help you to come to terms with a situation. Psychologists believe that there is a scientific link between our minds and our behavior. Another article on Dreams is from Wizard Corpse and presents a case of lucid-dreaming.

Relationships, Love, and Personal Growth, how to deal with it, check out  All About Living With Life: A positive thinking self-growth blog article giving very practical and concrete tips to keep your energy high and stay alert on your life path. Freedom from Ashes Self Love is a priority today in this chaotic times when energies of the planet are e-settling themselves. Self love is not ego-oriented love, it is simply the best tool to help others and Lifencompass  presents a poetic yes practical musing on relationships; and  Break Up Advice  is a dedicated article on how to deal and solve break ups. How to go about How to mend a Broken Relationship and how specific communication tools can repair your troubled relationship. At SelfSteps you will find ideas on how to deal with panic attacks. Do you suffer with horrible panic attacks? Discover the MAIN element in learning how to stop panic attacks and get your life back on track. presents invaluable tips on how to deal with panic attacks ! Saving Scoop has something in store for you to check and keep your spirit up!

Want to stop smoking here some tips!  2StopSmokingTips presents some tips to stop that so harmful habit. It particularly recommends to engage in motivation, self belief and determination and do not take any patches, gums, herbs or even drugs. These methods are expensive, time consuming and potentially harmful. Most of them do not work and even when they work, smokers who use them reportedly relapse after 6-12 months of not smoking. For us, all that is required is a bit of motivation, self- belief and determination.

About Food and Your Healthy Diet, some tips at Just Sit With It - An article about learning to experience feelings. Coming from someone recovering from an eating disorder - overall wellness is encouraged; and at  Mind Mart Berry season is just around the corner. Are you ready? If not, here are a few berrylicious facts to get you started; on the same topic,  Well Wise Happy has excellent tips to keep your food intake balanced: The four influences to our paleo-ish real food kitchen: Michael Pollan, Mark Sisson, Weston A. Price, with flexible boundaries to make it livable for the long-term.

More on Teas and Herbs here are some tips when it comes to treating Dengue Fever or Fever with Beauty and Grooming Tips. Some of the tips are: to keep yourself hydrated, sleep in a clean, comfortable room; keep away from salty food stuffs or use very less salt in your meals; rice gruel (Kanji) is an excellent food when you are recovering from any sort of fever; avoid spicy and fried foods; in the morning, before your breakfast take 4-5 Tulsi leaves – bite and chew them well before swallowing; eat green leafy vegetables that is steamed or boiled; better to stay away from raw vegetables during this period; instead of caffeinated drinks, try drinking ginger, basil, fenugreek and green teas.

More on Stones and Crystals and gifts from the mineral world include beautiful CrystalNett  gives insights on Red Onyx and many more stones and crystals

Meditation & Breathing - Prayers for Healing  This post is a collection of rare prayers for healing and spiritual centeredness. I hope you enjoy it. Please let me know if there is more info you need.  In her article Breath Your Way to Better Life  Katina Davenport explains how breathing is important not only for oxygen but for holistic benefits within your body. Check it out!  Wang Po from Conscious Life presents the beautiful wisdom of mudras in his article which suggests to tap on the wisdom of ancient mudras, or hand signs, to complete the cosmos circuit within you.Tantalizing! A beautiful article with exercises and pictures.