When Expression is Part of Your Path

Expression is back again in my life, as dance expression is movement and movement is energy and we love playing with energies.Oh yes.The very logo of Your Quantum Ally aka Healing Mudras stems from my early first love for dance and movement.

There was this Dance Professional School in Brussels, where I grew up part of my childhood. It was called Mudra (which is Sanskrit means movement) .  I wanted to go there and I went and even attended some live show rehearsals with a heart beating up tango in my chest for shyness and emotions. I watched the preparations for Bolero (Ravel) . Fabulous. Tears when my parents denied any artistic professional future for me. It seemed to be like freezing free movements. But as water cannot be stopped, I continued dancing part-time with the inner voice keeping me from withdrawal totally from my passion. Now, many years later as I created Healing Mudras the name came naturally to me.
In few weeks I will attend a Dance - Express - Transformation workshop in New Delhi, India blending healing, energy work, Kundalini Yoga and Tai Chi.  In exchange I will train the choreographer as Reiki Master Level 1.

What can i say at this point? It was written in my early childhood that Art is in my path. And in This case not only is Art and Dance in my path but also teaching ART (Advanced Reiki Training) in New Delhi, what could one ask for more?

The place where both workshops will be held is an eco-village called Zorba The Buddha what else can one wish for?