Walk the Talk and Be Conscious

The time is now. What time is it now? The time to start walking the talk. In other words, practicing what is being preached, eating what will facilitate your rise of consciousness, walk the talk and be a role model. The time is now because the Earth needs you, the planet needs you and if you are involved in any type of healing practices. holistic techniques, and body-mind art such as yoga, reiki, theta healing, meditation and the same, you are supposed to walk the talk. As simple as that.

Ascension and DNA activation is in question during these changing times. So it is assumed that if you are involved in healing and holistic practices you automatically are concerned with rise in consciousness and body-mind-universe connection. Am I correct? Somehow I can quietly say that I am indeed correct.

In ascension times and DNA re-programming times, symptoms will arise from headaches to muscular pains, depression and feeling of lightness, dizziness or heart beating changes... the list is quite long.Those symptoms require special consideration and should not be treated with non-activated solutions. In other other words those are symptoms requiring different treatments. Rest, water, and elimination of toxicity of any type: smoking, alcohol, GM meats and products, mainstream medicines, and the same.

Moreover, walking the talk is also about caring for our planet. Not using plastic, not polluting private and public places, making an effort for finding eco-friendly solutions to daily life such as composting, electric cycling, gardening, and promoting clean and safe environment.

However as I say this and try my best to practice, I notice around me, people with extremely flexible bodies and skilled yogis, male and female, who by all means do not respond to this category of walking the talk. It is disappointing, as the Earth need us to be more conscious, in language,in attitude, in words, thoughts and actions. Like the old adage of Buddhist principles.

A critical mass of conscious people is an utmost priority at the moment. Can we count on you?