Shifting Along

It feels to me to ask this very simple question: are you shifting along? What does shifting means? What does going with the flow mean?  What is occurring on Earth that you think you can control but in fact cannot control? The Electro Magnetic Field of the Earth is changing. This happens not because of
climate change, not because of wars, not because of any human-made activities, it is shifting to another dimension a it completes a turn around of 26,000 years. This means if we are here right now, we are to witness and be agents of change ourselves!. A change of consciousness is necessary a change of paradigm must come along and a change of vibration will occur within. Simple!. Well not for everyone. Those attached to the Ego and whatever the ego means to them will feel the changes quite dramatically. Those willing to modify their paradigm, their narrow-minded view of the Earth, of life, and its surroundings, will go with the flow.

Personally, I firmly believe in our capacity to shift in consciousness which means, opening up our being from the Kundalini rising to the outer vibration and connect with each other at a different level.

Love is the key as we will all need to uncover ...

Dolores Cannon explains with very simple words in this short video. She is not the only one, we are as well... Listen to her guidance.

I have observed many symptoms in many clients coming to learn Reiki or receive guidance with me here at Healing Mudras. The change, the shift, is not something that will happen outside and you wait for it, although in some instances it may occur quite dramatically. The shift means, moving along in synchronicity with the Earth changes... that is all.

In Gratitude,

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