Open Letter to the Universe - Our Galactic Heart

Dear Universe,
If only you would know how much I'd love to see the milky way and how it makes the whole galaxy shine! How I'd like to see the Earth from above and then return to physicality and tell my fellow human colleagues how beautiful we are from above and how much we need to continue to spread love and appreciation to our electromagnetic vibration so that we can all have a save and pleasant life on Earth.

Physicality is temporary we all know this and when children learn to deal with it, they get puzzled because in their mind all is here to stay. At this very moment, we all are here to witness great changes and dear Universe, please re-assured we love those changes. We actually are ready for them, so please continue to support us those who carry the light. We know that destruction will cease and that appreciation will emerge as the only supreme emotion and attitude. We know also we may have to witness changes we wold prefer not to but in the deep of ourselves we also know it is now Great Time and long awaited time to implement those changes. Come on Universe you see that better than us don't you?

There are far too many growth-oriented attitudes and these are not sustainable. There weren't already 20 years ago but our collective ego was immature and attached to some kind of fluffy meaning to life. To pay bills, buy property, give birth, education to our children we create this world based on ego-driven-growth by the inch. and Moreover, we sold it to the whole world! What an ego! Such a sense of supremacy disregarding human consciousness as vibration and reducing it to a creation of assets. What an exercise for the left hemisphere of the brain! No wonder these days those who function exclusively by the the left hemisphere feel a bit overwhelmed and puzzled! These indeed are times where the right hemisphere is getting back its well deserved value!. Thanks! Thank you Universe! We light workers, healers, quantum beloveds and many more  knew this could not continue. We feel so humbled to be in Your Immense Unconditional Love wave of frequency.

A few years ago my life changed as a coin tuned on its other side. Completely. At first I thought I was just daydreaming and I would return to normalcy soon. I have a daughter, an expensive rent, no assets and just my 20years of one type of job. Progressively thought I realised i just did not want to return to that type of life. My daughter would suffer from not seeing me regularly, and I eventually would put my physical life in serious life threatening situations.

So the mantra " I lost my Job and I liked It" became my morning song. Still I did not know how i would sustain myself except than by using my savings. Changing my life also meant putting my shadow self into the light in two major ways: firstly I would be my own 'boss' and make healing my purpose, but also it meant dealing with my own healing first! So a lot of my plate. This is when I realised the magnetic force of the Universe and the Earth itself, since yes I live on Earth, was pulling me to follow my inner most passion and heart and bliss. But then healing was to be the path first! You can't bring people to restore their wellness if you can't walk the talk right? So Universe, I am here now 23rd March 2012 thanking you for all i had to learn to be here now and say Oh wow I am happy i was pulled out of my job! I feel much better! I left all sorts of attitudes and behaviours and beliefs behind, I recovered flexibility of my body, and also recovered my daughter's inner most need" to have her mother next to her!

Now, dear Universe, you are holographic yes? You can see subatomic levels at all times? can you? I was told so. Yes I know YouTube is not the best encyclopedia ever but at my age somehow I learn a bit of discernment. So I know you are holographic, and about to show us the quantum leap we are in the middle of experiencing. I too have had subatomic particles experiences, and I know there are parallel realities which are about to be our allies. I also know that if i focus and meditate enough on emptying my mind and seeing the end of the tunnel, it will happen. I am here and now asking you some enhanced support.

I run this blog, a small studio, a tiny family as single mother, i have only one savings and a lot of things i need to pay to keep domestic economy going simple as that. No extra expenditures. Only expenditures for connecting with like-minded persons and pursuing my purpose further.

I am asking you Universe, as I have only you to ask, in which direction i shall put my radar on to pick a signal? Which is good for me and my daughter? Can I ask you that personally,. directly, and straightforwardly? yes, I am telling you in simple words, I am not sure I want to continue to run Healing Mudras alone. It is simply not nice. And please don't tell me answers like Follow Your Heart and You Are Not Alone, Because I know that and my whole life has been about following my heart. Its just that now I have a daughter and only a few savings so i need to stay economically grounded... I cannot sustain this life with just donations and a few courses here and there. Please Universe, i trust you can put me in the right place, right time with the right people to give Healing Mudras  appropriate alliances, ideally I would see Healing Mudras concept blending with some large existing structures. All in all i stay to you, i do not want to continue alone. I do not have to prove myself and others that i can make it. My ego has dissolved,  and if there are bits and pieces left I am more than ready to let go completely and dissolve even more... But Universe I need a change here. I wrote an eBook about you , well actually not properly an eBook but an eAlmanach, like a change diary with meditations and exercises to let go rather than threading water. And believe me I have done my homework as you probably have seen.  I wrote about my passion for life and how happy i was/am to learn we are undergoing a quantum leap.

Where I live the place is nice and everybody including you know that I came here to give my daughter a bit of calm and stability. But this place is not where I want to stay forever. It is to shallow for me and too much involved in the other world business. Not the world I want to be part of.

So Universe please tell me as soon as possible, how and where and with who I am supposed to bring fruits in alliances. Because one thing is sure I do not want to continue alone and i need to sustain a living for this beautiful daughter of mine. I also want to further pursue my love for you and how to help our fellows allied forces to bring love, appreciation here and now and stop this constant money making business.... Visa, border passes, fuel, food, rents, bills, and the same without mentioning education fees which are really, sorry but in-human.

I am a Pisces and I come to the conclusion after 50 yrs of life on this Earth that it is pretty much difficult to be a Pisces. It is rewarding and pleasant but our sense of illusion is so strong that we can get trapped into our own daydreaming. So Universe I am asking you to stay as my strongest ally, to hear me, to guide me, to help us my daughter and I so that we never encounter worries and difficulties.

To conclude I'd like you to know that as an empath since 2009  I started to feel Gaia, the Earth moves and its shacking. Prior to earthquakes I feel as though I am pulled apart with no reasons, I asked a few experts about this and decided to start channeling Earth Love through guided meditation. One day i did that and the Earth actually shook under our bodies. So you see dear Universe, I am all in you and with you and I am asking you to be with us at all times.  Bring something exciting to us, bring someone who carries the light with us, bring some inspirations and open the gates.

Here my shortlist:

- tell them to stop cutting trees;
- tell them to stop producing and buying cars;
- tell them to stop wanting money before all other things;
- tell them we want ascension NOW;
- tell them to give free passage and open gates automatically for us lightworkers;
- tell them to stop bombarding our plants with toxic chemicals;
- tell them to stop producing plastic;
- tell them to stop polluting the sea waters! 

Dear Universe, activate our Galactic Heart ! We are Ready !

Thank you Universe to send us to New Delhi to teach Reiki Master, thank you Universe to put in touch with Zorba the Buddha Village, thank you Universe for spreading the news and market our workshops! Thank you Universe to putting connection with light beings and crystal souls!

I love you Universe, I love you Universe, I love you Universe
I may return soon to tell you progress!

In Compassion and Love,


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  1. Anonymous26/3/12

    Universe? Are you there? Did you have time to read my letter? Its been hectic day in the internet today. and Some tough decision had to be made... Now i need to re-assured i have you with me!. Give me signs you heard me!
    Love & gratitude