Brain Waves, Meditation and Consciousness

The Universal Energies are with us right now.... There is an immense download of shifting energies around to make sure a critical mass of humans will get it. Get what? The shift,the paradigm shift that we are given the chance to unfold at this very moment.

We are energy, we are energy in human shape. Our frequency receives the vibrations and we shift ... if we can't shift we stay put and put and put and put... No, sorry, I am just being exhilarated by the frequencies at the moment. They are really blissful and even practical. Make your list of things you want to see changing and let it unfold. Our consciousness is our energy. Low Ki, low consciousness and as this public speaker was saying ( Oh you know those who know how to speak about the shift better than me) " If you have a golf ball size consciousness, your reality will be the size of a golf ball" However, if you have an expanded consciousness then you can play with the quantum leap at your liking!. Click here for the downloads of energy....

Our meditation class proceed quite well. More and more souls are connecting to the power of meditation. Meditation is energy in its purest form. You cannot fool meditation and you cannot get fooled either because it just expands your consciousness by clearing it by all the un-necessary clutter that our 'ego' likes to carry around to feel supported, loved, appreciated, and yes, polished.  However, yes, there is a protocol to follow, you cannot meditate just by wanting to do it. You need to put a little  tiny bit of effort even for 5 minutes a day. We love teaching bio-energy meditation because it gives a powerful sight of the benefits of meditation.

As we also teach Reiki, and the roots of Reiki as well as many of its elements and practice are found in simple meditation practices, we always look for reasearch and studies on the connection between the brain, consciousness, and Oneness. So we found this one from the International House of Reiki in Australia. On the same topic, you can find on the right column of our Blog the Video of Frans Stiene which presents the Spirit of Reiki!. 

Watch this video and start practicing meditation today to make your own shift come along smoothly....