Ask and It is Given

 The financial monetary system we are in is collapsing. I am not the one saying it, it is the media. In fact it is a good thing. 80 % of the monetary possessions of the world are in about 20% of hands worldwide and something is just not working well anymore. You may think I am a fool, then you are just the fool  yourself as everywhere there are proofs of this situation.
More people loose their jobs, and  impoverishment is on the rise. Well this is if poverty is defined by the amount of money (and this includes liquidity and assets) you have. New paradigms are needed. Not because people loose their jobs maybe that could be a healing in itself, but more because the type of jobs they were holding probably needs re-definition. New paradigms of the purpose of earning and spending money. and overall new paradigms of life itself. Life being a journey then you may wish to have a little look at the sidewalks eh? Enjoy what you do and be happy. The issue of monetary failure in the world is also not having to do with the Chinese taking over currencies flows  it has to do with Terms of Exchange. Not your usual FOREX, but rather the true value of exchange of energy for purpose.

I recently came across this link Ascension 101. While being pretty much practical on providing examples on how to heal our relationship with what we call "money'  (You can do the meditation it is helpful) One must be careful not to transfer guilt, shame of personalise too much the issue of money which may happen if we tend to go and heal the weak part of our aura and fill it with financial abundance. because then we do not heal anything much. We actually transfer the statement"I do not have" I do not have" I do not have" with " I want' "I want" " I want"

In the recent years while I too got caught in the net of loosing my job. Not because of lack of performance but rather because I decided to "Change myself" to change the world and walk away from humanitarian crises I was involved with ( i actually was hunted many times to actually return to those positions) In the loss of my job I found peace, I found silence. I found healing. I found wellness. I did not find money that is for sure. However I have healed my relationship to money by seeing it this way and reading Abraham-Hicks multiple videos. So i came to the conclusion that: there is a stream of financial abundance right there somewhere and I because of the loving-kind purpose of my new activity, which is Healing, I deserve to be hooked to the financial stream flowing across the streams of the world.I defined what I needed and got it. Straight away. No exceptions.

So let us be open eyes, and practical and as effective healers no mama-guy about " Can I ask for money for my activity " or not. You have to ask for abundance in your activity rather than for money, and you will get abundance because you are meant so by the vortex of your own creations. there is nothing over here that you are not meant to fulfill.

So if the monetary financial system is collapsing how am i going to get my bank account topped up? What kind of abundance can I wish for then? Smart question asked this client of mine I was coaching. You can ask for abundance in all realms and you will see both your account never be empty. and your involvement in new Earth activities booming. What are the new Earth activities?

- Eco-friendly
- organic
- Wellness
- Team
and many other networking consciousness matters. 
For sure it is not about growth, competition, and succeeding anymore. It is about Wellness and Healing.

No exceptions.