The Pink Salt Lamp & Reiki Flow

The Reiki II class is over. Another fabulous week of teaching just concluded today and as usual I feel good. I love to teach Reiki, I feel as though my own frequency is in perfect matching vibration with the central soul of the Universe. The Earth energies feed me and I restore the connection every time I teach Reiki.
Another class is coming up, an Advanced Reiki Training class in Bali in April,  and i already can prepare for another smooth ride of Earth vibrational matching. Frankly, I love it. As usual also while I waive good bye to my student, I feel as though I just sent another beautiful soul in the ocean of love of the Universe.

One thing was unusual today. I also got a present from my student. A present that means a lot to me as I always wanted a Himalayan Pink Salt lamp and never got one until today! My gratitude is only filled with pure love for her and also knowing the countries this lamp visited for the past 10 years. I feel even more connected. Now a short story about Reiki and the Lamp.

As the lamp stood in one place of the student's house she moved it close to the main entrance door as a reminder to take it to the class and not leaving it behind. She also put under the lamp the note paper she was using during the class and had the symbols ( Reiki II symbols) written on it. By the time she came to leave the house and about to put the lamp in her handbag, the lamp was sweating, moist and wet as she never saw it before. The Reiki symbols were at play there sending energies of cleansing and of good bye. She put in a cloth and inside her bag.

Arriving at the class, she took it out and as a way of gratitude and welcome I drew the master symbol (ART Symbol) on it and put it on the table. After a while, I was so energized I could not stop talking and even felt my heartbeat go 'mad'  for a few second and this urge of talking like a psychic would talk when reading lives or events.  The lamp was definitely telling me a story and sending back its energy. I loved it instantly.
I also know intuitively this lamp is going to go a long way and will bring somehow something really fantastic in my life. The student had had the lamp for about 10years and had the lamp traveling with her to Hawai'i, within Canada, in Trinidad & Tobago and in Thailand. Now i must say this, these countries mean a lot to me, except maybe for Canada as I never went. But Trinidad is the country where I got initiated to Reiki I & II in 1999, the country of my daughter's father and the country where i lived the longest in the past 25 years. Thailand is the first non-Western country I visited in 1982 and keep coming back since then and the country where I lived and became a Reiki Master Teacher in 2009. Hawai'i is my beloved island of the pacific one of those I had not visited since I worked in the Southern Pacific and also is the Islands i became a Karuna Reiki Master in 2010 at the ICRT studying with William Rand directly in that special place. So now here we are, what about Canada. That is my student adopted country of citizenship... and maybe who knows what my life will unfold next.

Himalayan Pink salt is a natural source of negative ion. Those nice little floating ions necessary to balance the far too available positive ions produced by humans on Earth ( traffic, computers, smog, and so on...and even not-so much-positive vibrations) Like black tourmaline thy are a good source of energy cleanser in a room.... So go and get yours if you not yet have one!

Welcome Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp!