Shifting the Shift and Open Up

What can we say about 2012 will only be in 2013 and we know it already. Seeing the present with the eyes of the future. Can you do that? It is about intuition, empathy, sensitivity, and skills belonging to
the right side of the brain. Harmonizing both sides to live a life more rewarding in well-ness rather than wealth-ness and where the values of sharing and friendship will be built on different grounds.
I had a quick look at a URL left in an anonymous comment on a post on this blog. It talks about the Year of the Dragon - a powerful year, the chaotic nodes that rule our lives either publicly or personally (let's say more intimately) and even physically. Eventually, our physical condition on earth must go through evolution too, not only the consciousness. It seems that people somehow want to take more care of themselves and are ready to let go than ever before. A friend of mine who is a ornithologist, often spoke about the fight between two birds. At some point one will bend down the head  as a sign of subsiding to the 'authority'  of the other. Many today do that. Because even chaos has a limit. So un-tie the nodes, let them be un-tied - un-knot the knots and fly freer, happier.

The gravity of physicality would have to change. Let's change it! Let's be light, gravity-free. Let' the consciousness open up and embrace stretched limits! the year of the dragon will not give you time to 'think' about it. It will you time to 'adapt' quickly and smoothly but not to decide the directions the change will take. That is Up To You!  So take a break yes Take A Pause, Let it Flow... [Quote] We have come upon a temporary clearing and it's the perfect time to come to terms with where you are and where you are going. Refill your canteen in the nearby stream, and take a short nap under the tree over there.[end of quote] and we agree!! 

And if you wish to manifest and express old-earth fashions: follow here what the suggestion is: 

[Quote] " Do what you must, just prepare yourself for the fireworks display, and buy some cotton candy of at the stall giving away free coffee mugs and t-shirts with "Ascension: I waz there" written on them." [End of Quote]

Because eventually everything will be fine! 

We give a big Thank You to Words of Enlightment  for their beautiful comment on the blog!

In gratitude.