Purpose and Meeting Your Guides

 " I came to Healing Mudras as a visiting Ayurvedic practitioner, with no intention to learn Reiki, although I have been familiar with the concept. I was inspired to learn Reiki while I was here
and I am so grateful to Isabella for agreeing to give me the attunements on such a short notice !
I really enjoyed my stay here in this fascinating colonial house and I thank isabella from the bottom of my heart for sharing her knowledge " Love & light Dimple Arora from Golden Awareness. 

For the past 4 days we had Dimple Arora in our Studio. The agreement was to follow our purpose of holistic events. We had invited Dimple to conduct a Workshop on Ayurveda healing techniques and nutrition and to conduct private consultations.  One day she came out of the room and told she wanted to learn Reiki and receive the attunements. The guest room has a Reiki Healing book and she had read it. Felt compelled to follow her guides and ask for attunements. 

The purpose may not be the manifested intention and it is up to you to use your wisdom to unveil it!

In gratitude for the beauty of life's intentions.