New Year Earth Love Meditation

It's been a while my new year post was due. I simply had no time. There are many reasons for that. First of all the Full moon eclipse of December 10th 2011 was quite powerful in shifting energies around. Then came some planetary alignments which were quite potent between December 20th and
January 4th. Many persons around me found that energies of release and tensions were playing quite strongly. Some felt physical manifestations of the strength i.e. through headaches or skeleton pains, other felt like depression, or crying, others just low energies and a feeling of pressure-cooker... This seemed to be temporarily released by 4th January when we entered the full moon lunar phase in Capricorn. Capricorn always gives a sense of having a GPS in the emotional layer of our life. Knowing where we are going and where we are coming from. It is not always the case as some full moon are actually bringing more chaos than others.

Then I also practiced cosmic yoga... I'd like to call it cosmic yoga because in my own way i reconnect to my soul. Anusara Yoga with Jonas Westring and  Hatha yoga  with Gernot Huber were on my path for the past 3 weeks. Then I also practiced Dance Mandala and Bio Danza at the Yoga Tree in Chiang Mai, Thailand  with Areerat Kwaekla and all together my days were full. Healers need to be in good shape to take care of others! Yeah.

Then on 3rd January I led this Earth Love Meditation with a small group of co-creators. Two of us had already experience in energy work and two just with receiving treatments.  We started by feeling the energy ball in our hands. Then aura cleansing of our own body with intentions to patch the possible gaps there. Then we laid down in circle shape with our feet as only connection to each other and we practice self healing of the aura. Slowly coming up to a sit down position I suggested we start shifting the healing intentions from our little self to the Earth and keep enlarging the hands mudras as a way to calling in the Earth energy. Once we done that for a while, we actually continued for a long while to feel the Earth and give her an 'auric massage'  i suggested we started to feel her talking or messaging us. At that very moment i felt the earth moving which i part of my empathic feeling with the Earth for 2 years now. What was really nice is that each of us got something from the Earth and while one of us felt a child talking to her to take care of the Earth another one felt the forests and the seas and many other messages. At the end we are all four holding the Earth in front of us in a circle and sent her beautiful healing love energy.

When we set intentions, we create a space within us and within the quantum vortex of manifesting that intention. Set an intention for yourself and others for the year 2012, It will be a strong year in many ways. and for sure, by the early 2013 we will be able to say, the world as we know it ended for a good reason and now we can focus on creating spaces for sharing different values!.

In gratitude!