" Many practice yoga for the power it has to contribute to shifting perspective on life away from the ego-centric, achievement-oriented model that the modern world so strongly reinforces.  And the paradox is that the same many yogis unconsciously bring this same model into their practice, worrying about "achieving" new poses, comparing their practice with their neighbors, and working so hard that they forget to breathe. 

Shifting a perspective away from being goal-oriented is one of the most important lessons of yoga and yoga philosopher Douglas Brooks lifts the veil:  "What makes something a gift is that you didn't earn it, you don't deserve it, and you can't pay it back." What will happen to your practice -- and to you -- when you truly begin to embody this attitude towards yoga in your life? "  Thank you Gernot Huber for reminding us of what!
In gratitude as I just returned from a 48hours Ecstatic Heart Dance Festival at Yoga tree Chiang Mai  So the video is not on Yoga... but on Bio Danza which is the practice I came to encounter.. as a gift.