Carnival Of Healing

Phylameana Lila Desy is a fabulous woman. Do you know her? Maybe not or maybe it already occurred to you to search for " holistic healing " in Google and end up visiting About Holistic Healing. Your ultimate little dictionary about Healing Matters.

Every year at this time of the year Phylameana runs the Carnival of healing. Last year we came runner up of the Best Reiki Blog, second to a very well attended blog of Pamela Miles a well established NYC-based Reiki Master. So we felt quite humbled by this humble win.

This year we won't run for any categories but please have a look at the list of categories for the Carnival of Healing and make your selection. We will surely support most categories and we recommend you to visit About Healing at any time for quick answers to your holistic queries.

News from our side, we will soon be in Bangkok teaching a Reiki I class and then up again in Chiang Mai for Yoga indulgence @ Yoga Tree

On April 7th we will run the Carnival of Healing and will feature some loads of goodies for you! Stay tuned.

In gratitude