Equinox & Healing

Ancient wisdom and knowledge as found in almanacs, always give potent energy shifting to equinox be it summer or winter. The winter equinox is amongst others a time when the high tides are at their highest, and the low at their lowest.It is also a time when weather changes, energies are stronger and winds may blow your snow hat if you have one.

Etherically, equinoxes are times of release where energies are potent and hence if there is anything you intended to let it go, this is the time to do it. This year's winter equinox falls with four important planets all in forward movement, mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Saturn giving an extra kick to your well-wishing list. Make that list if you don't have one, make it clear, concise and straight forward looking. Dare to be asking for release of anything holding you back to your old patterns. This is the time to do it. You got until 24th January 2012. Then mars will turn retrograde and may slow down your energies. In the meantime well laid plans may well be into motion. Etheric energies are important and in reiki and healing we consider them essential to match vibrational intention. So folks at your pens or iPads/tablets and make that list. It may well be that 2012 would open a gateway for manifestation. Best wishes!

In gratitude,