Reiki & Alleviation of Cancer

Today's post is from Healing Mudras' Guest Writer Trevor. Trevor is a graduate from the University of Central Florid and a cancer patient advocate. He is particularly focused on the use of alternative therapies like Reiki to help combat cancer. His approach of cancer goes beyond the physically debilitating aspects of the dis-ease and explores the spiritual and emotional aspects of it as well. To contact Trevor just click on his name directly. 

Although it’s becoming more and more widely accepted that many of our diseases are related to our body-mind-universe connection, and are not simply the result of physical well-being, cancer, although incurable by conventional science, is still too often see as a disease of the body only.
Of course cancer patients are clearly affected in a multitude of ways beyond merely the physical- it is extremely common for cancer patients to experience a severe emotional and psychological malaise that can range from symptoms of anxiety and stress all the way to severe depression. Furthermore cancer is a particularly draining disease and many patients feel spiritually worn out from its intensive nature. And conventional treatments, like chemotherapy, are riddled with side-effects that can exacerbate these spiritual and emotional maladies if taken on their own. However these harsh, debilitating physical and psychological side effects to conventional cancer treatments can often be effectively combated by alternative or complementary treatments such as reiki. Many cancer patients adopt reiki for a multitude of two reasons. Reiki is increasingly becoming well recognized for its ability to alleviate stress and pain, a much needed boon for cancer patients, but it is also becoming more known as a catalyst to cancer treatment. Although reiki can be beneficial to nearly everyone, because reiki removes the energy blockages in the body and allows for cancer patients to feel more relaxed and stress-free while undergoing invasive procedures cancer patients diagnosed with rare or low-survivability cancers, like pancreatic cancer or pleural mesothelioma, have more to gain from reiki healing than most. Cancer patients can also benefit from how reiki can accelerate the healing process by relieving energy blockages. When the body’s energy is allowed to flow freely through-out the entire body its natural healing processes accelerate. Thus when a cancer patient’s body is fully awake and their energy can move freely throughout it, it is able to heal faster. Removing the energy blockages in the body allows the immune system to function effectively- an extremely valuable resource in battling cancer. Today, more and more doctors have begun to actively promote the use of complementary and alternative therapies alongside conventional cancer treatments. Thankfully the medical community has increasingly noticed the positives in using various therapies alongside each other to combat serious diseases like cancer. And while conventional scientists still do not fully understand how reiki heals, a plethora of studies and personal accounts have recorded patients that patients feel less pain and a better sense of well-being after reiki sessions. As such, doctors who treat patients with aggressive cancers are at the forefront of promoting the use of complimentary therapies like reiki in addition to more conventional cancer treatments.

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