Time - Space - Dimension

Time is a constant. Like the tale of the chicken and egg, where is time coming from, how long will time last... Non-duality is not only a concept and a metaphysical perception on life. It is a way of life. Meeting a person who lives by 'non-duality' seem to take you on a rainbow or a hologram of experiences.
That person would probably give you a sense that time does not exist and would even most likely have a clean aura and a bright smile...A few orbs maybe even fly around the body... Did it ever happen to you? I hope it did... This reminds me of a a student at one of the Reiki II classes when learning the symbols seemed to be as smooth as silk. In particular for the non-duality symbols ( Oneness -distant) symbols, the student went on to draw it in the air. Rather than pronouncing the name of the symbols, the person went on drawing the symbol in the air and repeating aloud: Time and Space and Dimensions do not exist..... I found this fascinating because indeed the meaning of the symbols is exactly that. Non -separation , onenness and non-duality. Searching for a visual interpretation of this concept I found this video which I recommend to watch In gratitude.