The Flow

We are energy. We (humans) are living matter with a consciousness. We are made up of a FLOW of Energy and VIBRATIONS that resonate from the deep cellular level to the Auric Body. We are part of a whole and not separated from reality. The illusion of duality is a trick that is generated by our consciousness and in particular the left brain (rational and logical side).

Our body is made of energy and our inner system of exchanges within our body is also made of energy. The exchanges can be measured as are the frequencies of the heart (ref: ECG) Once we understand that we are made up of energy we also understand that as part of a living being we belong to a system that is also alive. The Universe is not static and we belong to it as an infinite part.
Energy: is the most essential element of the Universe and both science and religion acknowledge that. The big bang theory explains that the universe was created from the interaction of energy with mass which resulted in an explosion of the mass. Science and religion have different views on the causes of creation. However what is sure is that there was vibration and movement.
Protons, neutrons and electrons form the basis of the vibrations and movements.
There are connections between science and spirituality that are quite interesting from this perspective. We will not review them here. They deserve a workshop on their own. However we can state quite clearly that ancient texts such as the Upanishads, the Vedas and Pali text reveal quite fascinating facts about the interconnectedness of all forms of life.
Everything we eat, drink, think and express is energy. Everything is breath in and out is energy everything is alive. Air is transparent, it cannot be seen unless there are other particles added to it, such as smoke. At naked eye air can only be felt.
Our thoughts are energy too and there is a direct connection between our thoughts, our consciousness and our actions. We find these connections also mentioned as a basic precepts in Buddhism (Good speech, Good thoughts, Good actions).
There is a system of connections between the body and the mind which makes the reality of our life determined by our state of consciousness. If we see ourselves as sick and depressed we feel look sick and depressed and we will act as sick and depressed. Our thoughts can make us sic, sad or happy and healthy.
Our body per se is not conscious of being a body; it is our consciousness of being a person that creates the consciousness of being alive in physical form. The hand does not know it is a hand. We know it is.
Consciousness extends into every cell of the body through the holographic DNA network and micro-tubule structure. Therefore mind/body integration is important so things like structured water, music, dance, focused intention, positive affirmations and practices like yoga help raise your level of consciousness.
Bio-energy is composed of 2 words: Bio = Life and Energy = Power.
Bio-energy means life power. There would be no life on this earth if there was no life-power.

Different languages different mentions to the word energy: Chi, Ki and others.  
According to quantum physics, energy waves inside atoms interact at speed of light (and even more). Each particle at subatomic level has a positive, negative and neutral charge. Each electron has thus and anti-electron with the same mass but opposite charge. They attract each other like glue and hold the universe together. The universe is made up of particles and anti-particles that combine to become atoms then arrange themselves into molecules then into matter which we can observe around us. Quantum mechanics explores the mystery of energy and the activity inside an atom. What is called the quantum field supersedes matter, it is everywhere.
As we are beings of energy we have frequencies (which can be measured i.e. Kirlian Photography) and within that frequency there is our Essence, what we truly are.
For reference to the ancient Hinduism, the Upanishads make reference to Anu and Paramanu similar to the concept of atom and particle in Modern Physics. Anu is supposed to be the ultimate substance of all material phenomenon. The Veda describes Anu as the smallest manifestation in a pure existence. Anu is also considered Shakti or subtle energy. The concept of Siva (Shiva) is the concept of reality. So Shakti and Siva a beautifully connected as Shakti cannot exist without Siva.

Quantum physics says that the appearance of matter as solid mass is caused by a continuing process of interactive movement and interconnection between energy waves inside the atom giving it density.

In practical terms this means that:
There is a FLOW of MOVEMENTS, nothing is static, and all is alive. That the FLOW is made up of ENERGY and IS ENERGY ITSELF, and that the bio-electricity that is generated by the FLOW connects the mind and the body. But which transcends the skin and vibrates in our immediate surroundings. That all can be measured in to waves of frequencies and that as a result we as body and mind are in continuous emission of frequencies both physical and psychic. Every person is a cluster of vibrations with a certain intensity and density. This is OUR ESSENCE A FLOW of bio-electrical internal and external connections. Making an individual a cluster of extroversial and introversial waves of emissions every movement acts and thoughts is a vibration. We are vibrational beings in a solid mass (body)
This also means that we are a system of connections between our mind, our body and the universe we live in. We are part of the system and a system that holds itself together.
Everything is energy with its own frequency of vibration and coherence of consciousness. In this way everything that a person comes in contact with has the ability to influence that vibration and consciousness.
So i.e. when a person is going through an ascension process (understand awakening) they generally start eating less processed foods, perhaps try vegetarianism and fasting, drink structured spring water, maintain regular exercise and exposure to sunlight and avoid toxins. They may stop watching television and avoid exposure to the mass media and tend to gravitate towards material of the same vibration. They may change social relationships or work environment.

This also explains the power of mantras, spoken words, positive thinking and other similar expressions which directly connects the physical- psychic and spiritual flow of an individual and brings benefits to the three levels.  It also explains that a mantra acts like a magnet; it produces an electromagnetic vibration which will eventually transform gross energy into subtle energy and can have positive influence on brain cells and radiate the whole being by virtue of the holistic system of the body and mind.
All particles have a symmetrical opposite in the form of an antiparticle. When they meet they annihilate each other, turn into an electromagnetic form called photon. In a reverse process this electromagnetic wave can be changed back onto pairs of particles _ electrons and positrons, protons and anti-protons. Since mass and energy are equivalent, energy is needed to create mass.

Based on all this: Bio-energy explains that:
All matters comprise of clusters of neutrons and protons and electrons: Plants, animals and humans.  Plants have three groups of electrons which organize the plant functions.  Animals have 4 groups of electrons, and the humans which have 5 groups of electrons: including the brain and the consciousness or the capacity to rationalize. The mind instigates a bio-electrical cerebral process using electrons that originate from the atoms inside the human body to stimulate the five senses. 

How does this work in practice:
THE FLOW is everything. And when the FLOW is blocked there are imbalances. In practice our body is made up of energy centers, hub, and channels of communication. The word chakra means “wheel’ in Sanskrit.  A chakra is an energy vortex found in the body that helps to regulate mental, physical, and spiritual health. There are seven major chakras running from the bottom of the spine all the way to the top of the head. Referenced by the major Eastern traditions, a well –balanced chakra system enhances a person’s vital life force.