We are energy!

As I am preparing a Healing Mudras workshop I explore loads of sites and documentation. The first workshop of the Autumn is on Bio-energy, Mind & Body, Holistic Systems, Buddhism and Spirituality. I came across the following blogs and share.
It is only a dot in the ocean but so beautifully contributing to our need to 'let it go" and let it flow "

As a matter of fact, as I have a new look ( Oh yes, my scalp is itchy... in the memory of the long auburn hairs once attached to their roots LOL) and people ask me " why" " what happened" i simple respond" It is a reflection of my inner state , nothing much more!" and it is, guaranteed. No exceptions.

In Gratitude, Love & Laughter,

* http://www.chopra.com/namaste/february08/deepak
* http://goldring.wetpaint.com/page/Human+Reality+Matrix
* http://dailyheal.com
* http://www.heartmath.org/ ( i am a supporter and a fan of this!)

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