Essence - Let if Flow

Decide to vibrate at the frequency rate of your essence. Your own bio-energetic interchange system, your own holistic modulator. Your essence is what defines you . Most often because of the power of the mind we have forgotten that our essence is our own flow of energy. It is embedded in our cellular program and there it can be free of interferences; if we chose so.
Indeed if there are imbalances we have a choice to re-program. This is absolute healing in the sense that it meets intention, capabilities, self love, energy program and quantum alignment. Each of us has a unique frequency and to find the connection dots with it will give a spin to your DNA. What do I mean? Kishori Aird is a Reiki Master who engaged in quantum research. She studied DNA and genetic protocols and developed a new thinking process that allows us to understand how we can reprogram our DNA helixes through conscious intentions stated at zero point. The power of intention is such that it can alter the structure of the DNA. In other words your cellular structure can un-learn and re-learn. A zero point is a space that exists beyond positive and negative polarities. Zero point is multi dimensional and in equilibrium in constant movement like the quantum field. Take this example of long term anger directed at a person and frustrated for stored for years and repressed. If this anger was released in terms of energetic force it would be magnetically very powerful ( and even dangerous) Once this charge has been integrated in our DNA it becomes a strong negative pole to which we have a choice to match a corresponding positive pole! From here the magnetic concept represents the power to manifest our intentions.
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Easily we can develop a Vibrational Meditation aimed at expanding the magnetic force to each layer of cellular exchanges and to the center of our Soul.  Simply lay down, relax and visualize your body' quantum network, with a bit of practice you could visualize your DNA , and let the flow vibrate by repeating the following statement. I chose to vibrate at the frequency rate of my essence. I command the vibration to expand to its maximum and connect my soul to the energetic void within my cellular body. I command to let it flow now and forever.
You can also anchor (anchor is a word commonly used in Neuro Linguistic Programming - NLP) this mantra as a response to any situations you find yourself where you feel your vibration juggling with balance. This meditation requires a bit of practice. then it will flow like water from the Source.
Additionally you could also let the original sounds vibrate. And if you are a Reiki Master then you could also use the  symbols as Kotodama and produce a significantly powerful vibration within your physical body!

Your chakras will benefit (hence kundalini as well)  and the more your release self-love the more you will build resilience by living in a state of coherence and appreciation. This is what Heartmath calls: the electromagnetic virbation of the heart!.

Try it. It is absolutely gorgeous in terms of energetic vibration!

Love & Laughter