Does Ego Like Groups Better?

Two words keep bumping into my head for past few weeks: "group" and "consciousness" and I knew that as soon as my inter-continental travels would stop I would write a little something about "group consciousness"

In particular as I was reading some lines about life  in Japan and how the group consciousness of Japanese people and in extension to many Asian is often marked by 'group attitude' I was going to put some lines on "ego and group consciousness" . What is groups consciousness? Is this different from ego- I - consciousness or is it simply an extension to a larger group of an 'ego- consciousness" . I wonder. For sure, some countries have a special way to feel, express and mark their feeling of belonging to a nation as a group. But here I am more wondering about group consciousness as per an ego. Does a group have an ego? and if yes how do group consciousness recognise it and fusion?

I was watching "Street Dance" a young, simple and beautiful movie about the fusion of Street Dance and Classical Dance and group dynamics revolving around the understanding of each other rather than separation. Fusion is a beautiful term as it refers to blending, giving, taking, sharing and opening up. So the dynamics of a group consciousness could be the fusion aimed at stepping up its spirit and create from a higher level.

Does this interfere with ego and while we know ego is not necessarily a bad thing but rather a tool for knowing one-self, then an group consciousness goes beyond the sum of individual consciousness. It is a group consciousness per se' with a different vibration than the sum of individual consciousness. A group consciousness also has an ego. And to learn to drop the un-necessary options along the group consciousness, is to keep the group open to learning, understanding, sharing, creating from a different perspective.

In gratitude on a Sunday Afternoon....