Integrating Reiki with Cancer Treatments

Today's post is presented by Emily Walsh, a freelance writer, cancer advocate and author of the blog, Em-Musings. She is passionate about helping cancer patients discover the benefits of integrating complementary holistic therapies into traditional cancer treatment programs and strongly believes that the healing process involves the mind, body and spirit.

We are pleased to host her on Healing Mudras and share her views on the Integration is Reiki Healing with traditional cancer treatments.

The Integration of Reiki Healing with Traditional Cancer Treatment
Reiki has become a common treatment for cancer, especially for patients dealing with severe side effects from chemotherapy and radiation. Reiki is an alternative medicine based on using energy to promote health and well being. As all holistic medicines, this treatment is used in conjunction with other cancer medications. Today, many mainstream medical centers and cancer specialists are recommending Reiki as a complementary medicine for many conditions. Reiki will offer different benefits to different patients but nearly all report a positive experience, ranging from patients of early-stage skin cancer to aggressive malignancies like mesothelioma or breast cancer.

Medical Acceptance

Studies have shown that Reiki can provide a sense of relaxation and wellbeing among those receiving traditional medical services for cancer. The affect that this type of treatment has on the mind and spirit are among the many reasons that Reiki is becoming so popular. Even though the evidence for holistic services is under debate based on various studies, the bottom line is that patients reap real benefits from Reiki and other touch based healing methods.

Based on personal reports alone, Reiki has proven to be very relaxing and rejuvenating. The American Cancer Society
includes this alternative medicine as a viable option for patients who want to use more natural ways to control the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation. Several cancer centers now offer reiki in their treatment facilities.

Current Use

Patients with cancer can now easily find a Reiki practitioner thanks to the integration of Reiki healing with traditional cancer treatments. Hospitals and cancer centers that focus on increasing prognosis through integrative oncology, including
mesothelioma life expectancy are often able to provide Reiki sessions on site. Patients seeking a session away from their medical center can check local sources to book a session on their own, or can ask for a referral from their cancer specialist. Holistic medicines have become more popular within the last few years, making complementary and alternative medicines more accessible to people everywhere.

Studies have shown that both patients and physicians have
noticed remarkable improvements among patients who have used Reiki along with traditional medicines. Some medical centers train staff, including nurses and nursing assistants, to use Reiki with patients. Since this healing method doesn't use any medicines or even involve actually touching a patient, there are no risks to patients seeking relief using Reiki as an addition to their main treatment plan.