Accepting Reiki

Why would one refuse to receive a sweet Reiki touch? How would it be that someone who is in deep pain, would simply refuse to receive a little kick of energy to softens the pain and probably also trigger an well - needed cellular response? I must say that for me it is quite surprising to witness such a withdrawal.
I have attempted to listen to my heart's response for such an attitude: is it arrogance - i can do it myself - is it ego - the "I" in me does not want help - is it shyness - i don't want you to know about me being in pain - or simply - i do not care whether it is in pain or not, leave me alone.

I recently was confronted to this and it took me a long while and I still am actually wondering about the reasons. As the person was my own mother, I actually found it very hard to receive a "No thank you, I will be fine" when she actually knows I am treating many persons and had actually received treatments herself in the past. The question which tickles me is what makes a person refuse a little help to feel better. Eventually as I insisted for her to give me her hands and was able to give a very short treatment where the pain was, I felt this hand in deep need to receiving treatment. As i was holding the hand it got glued to my hands as of asking for "more, more, more" this is when she retracted her hand and said you have to leave now, your water taxi is here. In my views the water taxi could have waited a little longer that I finished the treatment and there was no need to shorten a treatment that was already so "on the spot". As i respected her decision, I left with a heavy heart. Most probably the super short treatment, made its way anyhow. And my hearts get lighter to that thought.

In gratitude