Personal Shifting Energies ...

For the past few months or so, and although living in a country where the word 'Shift' as understood as a New Earth is not yet even reaching the possibility of being explored, I treat people for what they call  "unusual feelings". Most of them are westerners. Lao they tend to be women only, for obvious reasons.  I look around, I see people running for fluffiness, trees being cut, house being built and nothing of what I hear and read around about the Shift actually being manifested around here. Loads of beer and alcohol, loud crappy music and a fast speed competition to material assets are rather mundane. So what is going on?

Around the world lots of initiatives and people are emerging on alternative therapies, new psychics, new shamans are popping here and there, and some of us belong to this category. There is a growing consciousness for a need for change, there is the Mayan Calendar, there are prophecies, there is the quantum matrix, and the reality. So the conclusion in my view is that the world is being split. On one side, those who wish, act and have started manifesting a new earth even as tiny as possible. But bills still need to be paid, no-one gives anything for free and trust is not fully there, On the other side, the regular world, the regular money-conscious, ego-driven world, people who want a job to get money and a house and 3 dogs? 

Is this a trick from Neptune in Pisces?Which side do you want to stand?  What are you ready to drop to be in tune?

Personally I wish this acceleration will be even faster, than New Earth comes to shine right here & now!

This post here writes it even better than me! Probably a Gemini and not written by a Pisces like me!

New Shaman lost in translation