Meeting Healing Half Way.

Healing is a spontaneous force we all have within. Once accepted as a truth or a belief, milestones can be achieved because healing will meet you half way. Healing will also occur at its own pace.

As a healer, you probably have more than an ounce of compassion as well as loads of intuitive energy.
There are a few principles though that remain important when giving healing treatments. Pamela Miles is a Reiki Master practicing in New York for the past 20 years. She is quite involved in bringing Reiki in Hospitals and Medical Institutions. She recently listed a few ethical reminders on giving an Reiki treatment. I should say that this applies to most healing practices. Here are her suggestions: 
  • you are worried about what’s happening with the recipient
  • you are trying to fix the recipient
  • you are trying to have a specific outcome
  • you have an emotional need to impress the recipient
  • you feel sorry for the recipient
  • you cannot witness another’s suffering with a placid mind
  • you are insecure in your practice, perhaps due to inexperience
  • you don’t know the difference between compassion and sympathy.
Having said so, the other day I listened to an Internet Radio-Show in French introducing Serge Boutboul a psychic and spiritual teacher. He also reminded us of specific boundaries that are important to establish in order to maintain yes integrity but mostly psychic protection. If you understand French you are welcome to follow this link.

Our aura is fluid and exchanges happen! Meeting healing half way is a way of letting it go and let healing occur without putting the mind into it or our own vibrations. This also means when giving a treatment to intentionally ask for healing to occur in tune with the recipient.

These are important reminders!

In gratitude!