Dreaming the Dream

It's been centuries that humankind's fascination for dreams has manifested into the largest variety of products. Now Inception, is part of that legacy with its attempt to explore layers of dream. Call an architect a visual architect, call a tourist, a dream observer, and so forth and you got here at least 3 layers of dreams. Fascinated.
I truly was fascinated by "Inception" except of course by the amount of violence displayed as necessary accessory to make the script a good marketing product. That is a shame! That violence was not necessary as much as Leonardo di Caprio's attempt to copycat Brad Pitt. I don't like either of them, i simply cant stand them. However, as I stand beyond my own dis-contentment of the choice of actors,  I continued to watch Inception because me too am fascinated by dreams. As a matter of facts for the past 6 months or so dreaming has become a regular activity of mine with intermittent Earth movements empathy. Yes i do feel Earth movements and last night the activity was quite intense maybe due to the fact that 2011 MD has struck Earth most likely in the Southern Atlantic Ocean [NASA called the activity, Bend it Like Beckam]

Going back to Inception, I was more fascinated by the construction of the dream than the purpose or the background script on some kind of inheritance to be split -that is Hollywood interference. Fascinated by the layers and the team work. So is Inception an intermediary layer of dreaming that we all need to witness on this Earth and Avatar a further step of transformation before violence can come to a full stop?

I will continue to explore dreaming activity and connect it to a new earth we could all envision to create. Right here Right Now... My current disappointment on state of affairs needs some 'push up' strategy.... It's time for change ... Let please 2012 come sooner than tomorrow.... Not for the destruction, but for the rise of consciousness for all and not only for a small group.. Now is the time for the critical mass to get together, and grow in numbers and intensity!

Any dreaming experiment looking for volunteers i am available anytime... Draw your radars and GPA towards this location.. in the meantime, i'll continue my Neptunian activity.

Let it be, New Earth !