Bio-energy & Meditation - Potent Combination

The basics of bio-energy are simple: realise that the body is active bio-chemical energy with surrounding fields of energy that can be visualised [by an experienced eye] Kirlian Photography is a good example of  tool capturing the image of such energetic fields. Meditation is the silencing of the communication [internal and external] and the stillness of the body.
The combination of meditation with bio-energy exercises is potent: it enhances awareness on the connection of the body and mind; it facilitates the removal of blockages through either conscious intervention or regular focused practice on a specific area; it opens the channels between all chakras at all levels and as a result enhances mindfulness, intuition, stretches the body, harmonize movements and gives greater confidence.

Yoga is often associated with such results and I would support such a statement. However I found yoga and yogis somehow attached to the idea that Asanas are the means and the objective to reach harmony.  I find the practice of yoga absolutely exhilarating and helpful in such a path of self-discovery and personal enhancement. I have now though started to teach bio-energy yoga. A conscious practice aimed at exploring the body-mind connection with mindfulness.  A basic session of Bio-Energy Meditation unfolds as follows: 15 Minutes relaxing meditation - 15 minutes of self-conscious breathing focused exercises on each chakra - 15 to 20 minutes coordinated movements - 15 minutes relaxation meditation - 5 minutes total relaxation.Background cool music.After such a session one feels, calm, focused, energised and smiling.

Similarity with yoga: in the conscious concentration on body.  Differences: there are no Asana, no poses, the body is constantly in movement except during meditation. Similarity with meditation: breathing and conscious intent to empty the mind and stay still, difference: movement is associated with calming the mind.

Let's try it!