Presence of the Absence

I have been present in the absence of being present online.... It has been a supersonic week. The past 7 days and in particular 24 hours of last week have been marked by Uranus joining, Mars, in Aries for sure. On a cool night this storm has arrived while I was quietly sitting in zazen at the Zen temple and upon my return home I found out, the lightening had struck 2 plugs of connection for the router, modem and Desktop computer.
There we were. The same afternoon , my beloved Jeep stopped in the middle of the traffic under the hottest sun of the day. Just stopped and never got towed away till the following night, due to the storm. The truck in charge of towing the car also got broken hence the car spent 30 hours on the street under the rain. Then while I was discovering this, I locked an online banking account, got an email I had to travel unexpectedly to Bangkok for some administrative papers, and had to deal with school homework for my daughter. All through the day of the impact and the next one, I was smiling, laughing and yes, calm. What else to do?

Hence the absence from the blog, the emails and the online daily presence I always put a dot on !

Here I am almost recovered , still sketchy but slowly reappearing. To all our readers, bear with us. !

Love & laughter for your patience