New shamans....

There is a spiritual awakening unfolding. No doubts about the fact that there is a need for a change in the way we live in this world and with this world as a partner and ally. Many talk about apocalypse, about doomsday, about a 'Rapture' about many disasters... Many though do not really understand that we get what you create and that your reality  is in vibrational match with what you put in.
Whatever you fear has per se no power. It is the fear that has power. You need to drop the fear to prevent what you fear to occur.

Nature is not happy, we know that. Mother earth has a language we hardly listen to or if we listen to it, we trying to decipher it in our advantage. For example when a volcano is erupting and ashes are spread in the sky, 'vulcanologists experts, will rush to predict and forecast, direction of the ashes, trends of the winds, temperature of the lava and even the number of days it 'usually' takes for the volcano to stop erupting. Fascinating how human mind likes to control nature in a way or another. It is called, development and progress. What about if now, we would start to tune in with mother nature, ask questions, feel the vibrations of the earth and get answers from a different perspective. that wold not be in opposition to progress, development and scientific research, it would be the awakening of heart consciousness. Remember Avatar where feeling vibrations and being in tune with fauna and flora can create such a powerful connection that by connecting two pony tails the gift of flying is being transfered! How fabulous!

A few weeks ago, there was an article on Bolivia's groundbreaking establishment of a "Ministry of Mother Nature"  I sent it off to a well established forum discussing Agricultural Business and the quick reactions were dramatically expressing the weirdness of such move from Evo Morales. I will not discuss these reactions here, I just wanted to point that while politics may be involved in such a move, good intentions are necessary tools these days to at least attempt to shift a bit the current directions taken by volatility of many sectors.

New shamans are to be amongst us and the time has also come to express our gifts should we have shamanic skills. The world needs people to shift, the universe needs people to shift.

Few years back I read a book by a now deceased Italian journalist who reported from South East Asia for a well established Italian news paper. One year he decided to follow the voices of fortune tellers. So he visited on Chinese fortune teller in a South East Asian capital and decided he would just follow word-by-word what he wold be told. In this case the prediction also included the fact of not taking any airplanes for the whole year which obviously for a journalist reporting for a large region quickly became a main challenge. He also quickly figured out his own attachments to some thinking habits. To read if you like some form of exploration of the mind and karma.

Having said so, I remain fascinated by how new, modern shamans have a power to grasp current trends and transform them into simple messages to help alleviate people's fear.  People are scared to die it is a fact and people want to go to heaven or a good place to rest. Shamans are needed these days to help people to relieve their fears. Let the shaman come in and help and let woman shamans to say what they have to say. Let's just people be!

In gratitude...