New Shamans ... [part II]

Well yes now let's see who are these new shamans. Generally speaking I would say, men or women, wearing normal cloths, with specific vibrations allowing them to live in tune with Earth and Universe frequencies, able to support people's personal shifts. Obviously they also should have no ego, understand, compassion, have healing skills, and be able to juggle with terminology such as frequency, vibration, tuning in, meta-programming, quantum, matrix, inter-connection, oneness and many more.
Astrologers would talk of energy frequencies rather than planets transits and influences, and healers would talk of personal shift and healing shifts rather than fixing medicines.

Personally I envision a world where going to the gym would be like entering a new healing space with cool music, a chip card membership where all your information is stored including your recent exercises, a card that would be inserted in a machine which would greet you and inter-act with you asking questions such as " How can I serve you today"  or " What do you need today to feel even better than you are" ... Wold that be fantastic? rather than entering a gym filled with loud techno music, where one feels like running and stretching limits with pain rather than in pleasure?

New shamans bring new messages of positive shift. They live their life in tune with Mother Earth, they understand the needs of nature and yet remain pragmatic on the choice that need to be made to work in tune with the Universe. Now is the time to be confident of the choices we are making for New Earth.

Any other ideas on New Shamans...

In gratitude