Making Offerings [2]

Yes, I have to admit I love taking pictures of offerings made to Buddhist temples and spirit houses. So here I let my passion go and display some shots I have recently taken in Bali, by Mount Agung, the sleeping volcano.  These offerings fro me represent energies, presence in the absence, and life forces presence of guardians.

I'd love sometimes to take pictures of people making offerings however I prefer to remain discreet. Fundamentally I got shocked back in the 80's when as a traveler on a shoestring  I used to see tourists taking pictures of people as though they were in a museum taking picture of paintings, which in many countries is even forbidden.  As a matter of fact this was also the trigger to chose my previous job as a development worker to make sure I would never belong to the category of tourist and actually stay on the side of people and help them help themselves. This trail is still with me and even though i worked in several countries including remote places I always remain faithful to my integrity. Take picture of people only in certain circumstances when they agree, when it is informative, and when it doe snot violate privacy and personal rights.

As I live and already traveled extensively in Asia I regularly visit temples and noticed my inclination to divert attention from people to the offerings. and I discovered this passion I have for how people prepare, display and make offerings.

Here today  i want to make a special virtual offering, to all the masters I have met, the people I have sat by in meditation, the spirits of the temples I have visited, and the smiles I got back from some monks, lay people and other permanent residents of temples. I also make this special virtual offering to the masters who have worked with me to show me ways to improve wellness, integrity, and dedication to holistic practices.

To all my masters, my deepest gratitude from the pure heart-consciousness of my being.

In gratitude, on a beautiful rainy day!