Here & Now

There are many ways to explore the 'Here and Now". One can just sit and wait, eyes closed, ears in stand-by and movements at minimum. Is this contemplation? No. Is this mindfulness? No. Is this meditation? No.

The here and now is a powerful life-style and way of life. It opens the gates for mindfulness, diminishes anxiety, drops the ego, and let oxygen fill in every action at any time. In a world surrounded by acceleration of time, doing and achieving, it also helps to slow down time and return to bio-energetic self-sufficiency. The return is not a defeat from some kind of competition. It is a strength that will boost energy levels and catalyse new ways of doing things.

Mikao Usui back in the early 20th  century, understood this quite sharply while teaching students Reiki Ryoho Healing Technique and expressed this simple philosophy with basic guidance. A worried mind is a tensed mind which cannot operate with mindfulness. Here we offer a copy of the original reiki ideals. They are simply beautiful and calm ways to suggest to live in the Here &Now with full heart-consciousness.

In gratitude!

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