Neptune in Pisces - The Lord of Water Energy

 Oh well I have to admit the law of attraction at play on the net is quite powerful to draw visitors to a very old post of mine on Neptune entrance into Pisces next week. The blog keeps having search hits on this older post and I am now going to satisfy readers with some updates.

Neptune the Lord of Water, the Lord of Pisces, of imagination, of the soul of compassion and of dreams. How one cannot love Neptune? we come from Neptune and to Neptune we shall return shall we say this? Our bodies are composed of 75% of water, our Planet Earth give us beautiful pure ( well ?!?) water to satisfy thirst and , oh holy cow, also large industries, so shall we say Lord Of Water let us know how to make good use of your power?

Water is energy, water is matter and non matter, it is odorless, tasteless and colorless shall we add also that  as energy water cannot be stopped it will always infiltrate and go were it is drawn. You can build walls, barriers, dams and other things water will go if it wants to go. The Ancient Romans are known to be the 'water engineers" and they were .. who is going to be the next water engineer? Story will tell.

To go back to our previous topic the Lord of Water and imagination, let us see how possibly can this influence life on the Universe as of April5th Neptune will make its grandiose entrance in its own master sign Pisces" . There are quite a few astrologers writing about this. I am not an astrologer, I just love astrology and use it for healing purposes to see ahead and to ponder about influences. I certainly cannot predict the future but as a Pisces myself, well i have to admit I can actually see where we are going.  The Earth moved last night. I am sure it did. I just feel it all the time and it speaks its story to me. It tells me not to worry, that change is upon us but that when the connection of heart of the heart is pure, nothing will harm. Well nice, I had a good night sleep then.

There is one article I read the other day about Neptune in Pisces by Astrotabletalk it is quite well written and gives some clear hints as to the type of influence Neptune will have on life. there also is Astromusings which I quite like.

A few key words for that:

- Compassion: shall we say people will get to return to the sensitivity of their hearts?
- Magic and the beauty of being a bit airy...
- Let go for sure of intellectual talks
-  Let go of the ego values
- Values of collective community re-defined
- Sens of belonging to a Oneness type of life emerging (for those who are not yet part of the critical mass)
- Redefining of values of well-being all together
- Holistic practices become the mainstream way of handling life with a touch of Technology
- Go go go and live your dreams!

Well there may be a few earth changes. have you seen this data from GOCE satellite? it is quite fascinating to see the Earth in such a 'potato' shape...

So we are in for a few bumpy roads and that may not be for the influence of Neptune rather because Uranus is in Aries and Pluto is in Capricorn at square angles and therefore  the influence of Neptune will be on softening the corners. Even if just for that ( that is for the astro-skepticals) we should be grateful to Neptune and give it a very nice bow. !

In gratitude