Bio-energy, Cosmic Consciousness and Healing

The center Floor decoration in the Taman Ratu Bagus Ashram

Since I left the Ashram, my steps seem to take a different path.
Or is it my head which is lighter and not burdened by thoughts? Or maybe it is my body which is moving at faster speed and more agile. Who knows! It makes a point that since I left the Ashram of Ida Pandita Mpu Parama Daksa Nata Ratu Bagus aka Ratu Bagus on 17 April 2011 at 1.30pm on my motorbike direction Nusa Dua about 65 km away, exactly 5 days after entering the ashram at 1.30pm on the same motorbike, I immediately felt something was definitely different. First of all I could turn my head almost 180 degrees with no pain which is something I was not able to do for the past 10 years or so. Second I felt light, happy, connected, agile, almost flying. Watch out for the lorries on the road! I felt as though the Vario Motorbike was a flying object only touching the earth with humbleness. I knew this was the results of 12 years of energy practice combined with life's experiences, the quest for awakening, the search for connection with cosmic consciousness, and the restoration of peace and calm within my soul. This was made possible with 5 days of living in the Ratu Bagus Ashram, experiencing life in the nature by Mount Agung, the sleeping volcano, meeting a family a beautiful beings, being guarded by 2 dragon-shaped clouds, orbs and the healing touch of Ratu Bagus himself.

How can 5 days in an simple Balinese style ashram make such a difference? Aren't there any other places on earth where cosmic consciousness is at play and visible almost tangible, where electromagnetic vibrations are pure and positive, where drinking water is healing water and where spirituality is in all cellular life around? There must be yes and in this case, Ratu Bagus Ashram counts amongst them. No exceptions!

Ratu Bagus is a simple man, an humble Brahman of the highest cast, a man with a mission and a potent healer. In his presence, people get healed in less than an hour. He can see the aura and place hands exactly on the spots where imbalances occur. I witnessed a man walking around the ashram after 6 years of being still and paralyzed, I witnessed a man lost in negativity opening his eyes, eating and chatting recovering from an 'conscious come ' he had put himself.. I witnessed many other events including orbs and a special Balinese wedding ceremony with Balinese dancers entering trance-dance by the blink of Ratu Bagus ' eyesight. I just experience magic, white, pure cosmic magic.

Ratu Bagus statement is simple: you can heal yourself by recovering the necessary electricity from within your own cellular life. The articulation of the energy of the chakra, combined with shacking your body and invoking love for yourself will simple create the necessary cellular exchanges needed to restore balance, the primary state of being. Sounds simple indeed. Shake your toxins out and restore your balance. When healthy, your body will sweat and finds it rhythm quite easily. When un-well, your body may need a little more effort to get those toxins out. The Taman (the hall, or park) is a large room with fabulous energies. People shake, shake shake until they drop and when Ratu Bagus enters the room, almost anyone there gets his or her little electricity shock. It is just fascinating to see this man at work. All he does is smiling, ringing a small bell and touch sensitive parts of your body if he sees an inbalances.

Ratu Bagus is a Healer. A simple man with great insights and certainly a very attractive charisma as people flood into this ashram and succumb to his powers.

Three things there: first the location: electromagnetic vibrations of pure love and light clear water and air and tow-dragons -shaped cloud always surveying the location!; Ratu Bagus a healer with great energetic powers. He just heals people by touching them in just blinks of an eye and third, a very peculiar meditation practice, called shaking meditation.Based on a the principles of re-creating the necessary bio-electricity within your own body to heal yourself. So basically I spent 5 days shacking my body as in trance for 6 hours a day... (3 times 2 hours) in a spiritual hall decorated with Huge Ganesha and Kuan Yin statues.

In 5 days. i have physically unlocked my second chakra. It was locked for the past 10 years. I also have recovered flexibility of my neck. I used to be a dancer and moving is quite usual for me but this moving, this shaking is different. It is a trance electric shake where you mind /body connection is completely disintegrated and replaced with peace, and calm..
As a Karuna Reiki (R) Master i feel privileged and blessed to have been able to add this immense gift from Ratu Bagus.. Thank you !

I will write more about bio-energy, healing and cosmic consciousness, I just needed this first jolt to get started. Surely situations get approached in a different way, body moves freely, mind is clearer and in my case 2 years of transition have simply being solved: I have reconnected with peace and calm within my soul.

Here a short video that illustrate a bit of the energy at work....

Om Swastiastu Ratu Bagus (Namaste Ratu Bagus)

Love and laughter.