These days deep insight introversion is regular or maybe is it a healing & detoxification process ongoing. The symptoms are clear and I won't elaborate on these. Towards the end of 2010 and beginning of 2011 times when the Web gets crowded of well wishing and reading, and forecasts of all sorts, I remember reading something that was quite clear: the year 2011 will be a year of awakening.  What does it mean?
It means a year of transformation which will help bringing about a new world. Radical transformations of consciousness, radical transformation of physical manifestations both are connected, linked and inter-related.

One of the main message I got from the various tips for 2011 and symptoms of change were amongst others: you will feel the need to let go of many things more than in the past and this will include people. You will know instantly when people are no longer in your wave of length, including friends and family. Do not try to keep then in your wave. You have moved up in the ascension process, they have not. You do not have to fix everything, just to concentrate on your own path.

For the past days or so, I feel I want to be transparent. Weightless, shapeless, colorless, tasteless, disappearing in the vacuity and fly, odorless, and invisible. No need for food, no need to walk, no need to think, no need to talk, no need to sleep, drive and all the realms.

I just want to be like a flying energy. Is that possible?

In gratitude