The Time is Now

The much debated Mayan Calendar has re-appeared on the Internet since March 11th, day the worse EQ in the recent world's history has hit Japan. Is there a connection, and if yes what are they? The entrance in the 9th wave cycle is a precursor for the necessary rise in consciousness? I believe we healers. belong to the group of post-2012 era and we have a job to do now. Here and Now!

The Time is Now ( KIN) , the Earth cycle has initiated its transformation and we, humans have to raise our vibration, we have to learn to return to our original source, when we were able to see the colours of the auras. In other words to trust our intuition and sharpen our senses.

Mikao Usui Sensei the founder of Modern Reiki Ryoho Natural Healing System started his clinic in 1920 when a powerful Earthquake shook Tokyo. He gave healing to victims and alleviated quite several from severe wounds. We have to remember our mission, our purpose and if we have a healing skill and knowledge to put at the service of those who do not understand what is occurring at this point in time of Earth transformation...

It is said that by 2015 the world will no longer look like the one we live in today. I have come to terms with the meaning of this and I rest my fears and worries in a long buried and forgotten closet. I have embraced the new waves and live with the new vibes.

This morning is re-read Johannes Calleman, an anthropologist expert on research on Earth cycles, Mayan Calendar and futurist. Here is the link, I encourage you to read it and pay attention to what he writes, not to the fears or worries from the voices within your inner-being. If you feel worried, ask yourself what it is that you worry for and take action to eliminate the worry by finding a practical solution (get that Bank Account sorted out once for all. or get that ego out of your system, whatever it is you need to be doing to feel better and relieved) .Think ahead so that when time comes you are prepared. This is what preparedness is about. Preparedness is not about panicking it is about being mindful and mindfulness is the strength that gets developed with meditation. So meditate!

If you like to follow the Earth movements - I am fascinated by them and I send Reiki to the core of the Earth Liquid... then you can check this site 

In gratitude...