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As I officially Open the Next Half of My Century  I feel blessed to know to so many of you who feel they get something positive by reading our blog. Today as well wishers flooded my mail box and Facebook profile I feel even more blessed. I actually woke up forgetting it was my Birthday when my daughter rushed into the room (before the alarm clock went off!!!) screaming of joy that one of our cat had return from her neighbourhood discoveries that lasted 4 days!. Last night she had cried for her not returning and I said to her that animals no matter how we love them and care for them if they want to go they go, free.
She returned and feast in the early morning house prior to go to school. Her brother was smelling her to confirm her identity!

The messages were so beautiful. I never expected to receive so many.... I never knew I am so appreciated and come across as being, shiny, happy, contented and positive. yes it is true through that I love giving myself a push of positive sometimes. and yes also I know how essentially I believe in optimism as a healing and as a forceful message to life!

Some Reiki students told me that I am always so caring and always there to help. For me this is natural that is probably the characteristic of Pisces. As Neptune enters Pisces on April 5th this is going to be a 'tsunamis' of caring.... I don't want to give bad omen for tsunamis I am just using a Pisces terminology related to the ocean and the sea....

Ok now we received this message from Healing.About.Com and firstly as we are so immensely thankful for all your votes that secured our second position ( it is not yet official ) Healing.About.Com is looking at complementing the information. So if you care about us, Rei Ki and healing, drop us a line @ Healing .About .Com

In gratitude and longevity!