Sensitiveness Clairvoyance, Empathy...

Hello hello hello... Fascinating times we are given to live isn't it?. I have come to terms with my weather empathy in the past month. I don't wonder anymore at my symptoms. I know something massive is about to happen in a way or another.

So this morning while listening to the rain downpour I adjusted my natural GPS as the Earth Axis has sifted 10 inches with the Japan EQ of last week and sat in Zazen. I do not usually keep track of the time when I am out of the Dojo. I consider working on my posture far more interesting from the breathing perspective. So I sat.

As I opened Internet and here was flooding again... As my Zen master says, enjoy the last minutes of Zazen, before returning to the buzz buzz... He is so correct. Japan, Libya, Healing Mudras, Friends, Love, Healing, and all my daily observations... Some people are hard to convince about Oneness. This man keeps replying to my post with such a 'know-it-all" attitude as though he only posses the truth. He poor him doe snot know that who spells the word truth is not the one possessing it. Just the one testing it. Anyhow.

 I am humbled of being a Reiki Master, truthfully and sincerely acknowledging this sensitivity that has grown within me. With some like-minded persons we often share views on weather empathy and related events such as those unfolding on Earth. Oh yes by now you heard about 2012 do you. Not the end. Rather the beginning of a new world. Have you? If not then open your eyes and look around. Even if you live in a small remote landlocked country like i do it is possible to see the signs of change. The old world disappearing and the new world slowly appearing. My whole life has been about opening doors and gates for others. Ok let's continue.

Healing Mudras came second of a Web-based poll on Reiki. We love that. So I went back to Healing.About.Com and rather than re-inventing the wheel by offering you a new tool, I simply copy past the tool Healing About has on Empathy. Click here. Do the quiz. I got 9 over 10 questions with a yes. The quiz is easy. Maybe some more questions would be added but it is a very good start. Connecting this to Oneness I am wondering where fishes and whales have the same sense and then here I went on tho reading this post of mass fish death
Well yes maybe fishes are weather empaths as well and signal something is occurring?

The brightest Full Moon of the decade is about to appear you may wish to read this post.

Ok so we will prepare a small guide on preparedness... inclusive of mindfulness, practical, logistical advices, ego losses, and other gains...

Oh yes, have you checked the website of the Transforming Through 2012?  Give it a look.  I mean not a glimpse, a look...

In gratitude