Reiki & Trying

Giving a Reiki treatment is an action that does not require you to do something. Just place hands, and follow the steps you learned and give a treatment. The intention, the healing intention of the recipient, the conditions and the patience to give a treatment for about 1 hour or more ( or less depending on various conditions) is just what is needed. In other words, Rei Ki will not work better or less if you try harder or less, it will not be stronger or heal faster if you apply hands with pressure or not...
All it is needed is the application of the hands, the intention to heal and the tools learned. all the rest is Rei Ki.

As I was sitting in Zazen, I know I am not supposed to have mind conversations but well yesterday I did as my legs started to hurt, I was looking for relief and that could only come from the let go. So I let go and I said to myself, I let go when I give Rei Ki I let go when I sit in Zazen. No exceptions, no differences.

Trying hard is exactly what is not supposed to happen either in Rei Ki or in meditation. trying hard will not improve the quality or the quantity. Trying hard will only make it harder to perform. Simple rule of law of attraction.

Let go, back to basics for a second and see what is occurring in the here and now. I sit, I give Rei Ki treatment, I eat, I walk, I work, etc... try hard will only make it look odd or distorted.

Let's live simple and try silence.

In gratitude

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