Precaution is Strength

Japan has been on the news quite a bit unfortunately. After a peak of news on the intensity of the disaster, Japan is now probably needing some lower profile to actually deal with the real proportions of the disaster not only nationally but also at a larger global level. Despite obvious levels of radioactivity and quite serious measures being taken in the country we are told that the radioactivity is not harmful. I leave you pondering on that one and make your own opinion.

Something else is at play here, and we would like to focus on that positive note. According to time shifting theories we are in a shift. We have embarked on a long bumpy road of changes whether we like or not. In these circumstances I rather opt for the part that I like. Co-creating a new world. A world free of selfishness, a world free of polarity and a world free of ego. Well yes I take it it is an ambitious project and I may not even be alive to see it coming fully through. Although if we succeed to create a significant critical-mass of co-creators, then we may even all get a chance to see this new world.

I recently had a long thought about this and also did quite some substantive healing sessions. I had to figure out in my mind an in my heart where is it exactly that we are standing in this point of history and what what mission and purpose is here and now for me, healer, Reiki Master and holistic practitioner. I looked around, also on the Internet, found some Reiki blogs and realised that many people preach similar thoughts. Be happy, be healthy, be stress-free, be generous, be an artist, let it go and the same... but they all talk to the converted. Many of those blogs has a base of people who are already convinced this is the healing technique the best we have, this is the way to do it, the best we have, this is the best way to make this and that... and then, when someone leaves a comment with a difference view, than we are again in a polarised relationship. Why is this? This is not needed. We already live in a polarised world... And as the Mayan elders say we even have not seen it all yet, so let's keep our mindfulness, let's be open and sharing and let's be positive.

Yes Reiki is excellent, yes Chi Gong is good, yes Reconnection is new and fascinating, yes yes yes... Yes all belong to the realm of holistic practices. They all are earth-friendly initiatives! Hence all have the seed for instilling positive thinking, new thinking, new world.
Nen - attention, idea, thought, desire

This new world, where some part of the old have gone and new parts are emerging.  New world built on new basis, new values.
Hence I say here and now, pay attention to the signals of change. There are going to be many. Make a not of them, and opt for something that make YOU change.  So pay attention and be cautious that all  news are not good news. Learn to discern and to distinguish.

In gratitude.