Intuition & Rei Ki

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There is a Japanese Technique within Reiki that is called byosen scanning and involves intentionally using intuition to find the areas of the body requiring healing. When you first begin practicing it sensitivity may not be very developed and you will need to pay very close attention to the signals. As you practice it more and more your ability to scan the body will improve and you will gain confidence. After a while you may even find that you can scan with your eyes and sense where the problems are and you could begin to actually see the negative energy around the distressed areas.
 Intuition - Kan
Or you may simply know where to treat as soon as you start. Over time many practitioner have become clairvoyant and able to see great detail in the energy patterns around the areas needing healing. As soon as you start feeling energy in the energy field move your hand up and down until you find the appropriate height at which you feel the most distress. This cold be as high as several centimeters above the body, or you may feel drawn to actually touch the body with your hands. When the right height, bring both hands together at the spot and channel Reiki. Reiki will heal the aura and the chakras and flow into the physical body to work on the organs and tissues and heal them to. Continue channeling Reiki at the detected spot until you feel the flow of Reiki subsiding or until you feel that the ares is healed.

It is a fabulous experience to give or send Reiki with intuition. It helps the body and the energetic fields of the body to find their own matching combination of healing. Let me explain better. When applying Reiki with hands-on treatment Reiki will flow directly where it is necessary and will not necessarily stay in one spot. When sending Reiki with intuition using the hands and the eyes, not only will Reiki flow directly where it is needed and required it will also meet the energetic fields of the aura and generate healing within the interstitial body. This way then using hands-on treatment with byosen scanning the healing occurs anywhere the aura and the energetic fields will meet each other. This location could be on the body itself but more often it is located within the interstitial energetic fields of the aura. Reiki is a fabulous healing technique.

In gratitude